Tuesday, January 16, 2007


What can I say about Wild Thing? She is the most beautiful, thoughtful, kind person in the world. I could not do without her and her ministrations. For those of you with long memories, the song "Wild Thing" starts with the words: "Wild Thing, you make my heart sing..." And she does...she does.

GW Dubya

I read recently that President Bush once said he wanted to be a war President. Seems he really got his wish. Visions of History swam through his head and I don't believe he honestly meant the kind of war we are embroiled in now. Maybe he saw himself as that other GW, or maybe Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt or perhaps Harry Truman. My personal belief is that he will not like the view History will take of him. Incompetence, waste, political cronyism, alienation are not good words to apply to any administration. Please note I am not talking about his bunged on accent (I lived in Aussie for some years), mispronunciations and lack of real leadership. Some day Clio will point out that a vanishing middle class, a buck and a quarter (or whatever) extra for the struggling lower income people and the attack on our Constitution were gross errors of judgement and led to the decline of America's power and prestige.


It seems a pair of border patrol agents were charged recently with the murder of a Mexican drug dealer. They got long, long sentences, even though their attorney pointed out that in the darkness, they believed the dealer was pointing a weapon at them. I believe he even pointed out that they were doing their duty as enforcement officials. He was also stopped for being in the country illegally.
My comment is that they should have been in New Mexico. Really. Why? Well, we had a case a little while back where a Deputy Sheriff shot and killed a man, who was handcuffed, wounded and laying on the ground. He served less than one year. Western justice is a bit different than other kinds of justice apparently.