Wednesday, August 12, 2009


There's something new under the header that proves some of us have too much money and too much free time.
There's been guesses that seem to imply BO is running into a flaw in his plan to neutralize (some say Moslemize) America.
And we all know Superman is rendered ineffective by Kryptonite. What we did not know is that kryptonite might just be made up of senior citizens.
BO's "Town Hall" meetings seem to be going against his administration. We all know that kind of meeting is old American institution and serves to bring our citizens into contact with elected officials and what the people want by way of laws and leadership. A way to let them know we are, or aren't happy with their actions and what we would like to see enacted for our benefit.
There's been a lot of commentary and vociferation about and during the President and his minions talks.
Here's an example from a 77 year old man:
Gentlemen: A few minutes ago, I heard the President explain how the Health Plan would affect the elderly. It was most illuminating.
He essentially told us that in cases of serious illness to the elderly that, if in the judgment of those in charge, this was a situation where the possibility of recovery was low, the patient would be given the medication necessary to keep them comfortable.
No discussion about keeping them alive. Surgery, or some other exotic form of expensive work, would not make sense. Being 77 years old, I don't think I care for that course of treatment. Sort of reminded me of the old time American Plains Indians who gave their elderly a small package of food and left him or her to die, alone, quietly in the wilderness.
It also brought to mind the Nazis who would require a disabled (mentally or physically) child to be brought to a hospital for treatment and then would make sure he was killed as he did not represent a productive citizen of the country and should, therefore, be removed from society. Sweethearts, weren't they?
We let our parents die but give life to an Arab who has just slit someone's throat on TV because he didn't believe as they felt he should. Your support for the President is appalling. If you do not abandon your support for the President's health plan, I will send a copy of a letter to the 585 members of my club in Florida and 250 members to my club in NJ asking them to make sure to drop their membership in AARP when up for renewal. I spoke to several members and they told me that they would rather call and demand a refund! I also would go to our next town council meeting and ask for their repudiation of this plan and have it placed in the newsletter that goes out every month to 9000 citizens. Also, a letter to Governor Corzine, who needs every vote he can get, telling him of the true position of we, the elderly. It is outrageous and morally reprehensible that you support a bill that would deny me medical treatment simply because I am past a certain age (treatment I might desire and have the means to purchase and that might prolong my life), despite decades of being a productive citizen and duly paying my yearly taxes, but would direct those resources to treat illegal aliens who haven't contributed a penny to the public coffers!
A country cannot survive when it rewards the takers and punishes the givers. A people cannot flourish when bureaucracies decide who shall live and who shall die. Very truly yours,
M. Johnson
Another comment (unsigned)
For those in the know, it's evident Obama wants to bankrupt America starting with his health plan to deny older people care, "As their life is nearly over, and not as important as the youthful ones." What's really pathetic is that your state and all the millions who voted for him are in shock and disbelief! I certainly didn't vote for him, and would never vote for anyone like him. Blame it on the morons.
"...although I agree with your sensibilities, I have found that, over a few years the bureaucrats hide behind other bureaucrats, behind others and so on until the responsible SOB can no longer be found, nor will that person even deign to speak to you. "I use the VA for my medical services and over the past three or four years, they seem to be edging into the "give 'em a pill to ease the problem, but keep the doctors on a schedule where no patients get the really required care. Because we all know the old vets will die off and solve this problem themselves." I have a modest suggestion however. Since this thing is a brain child of the present administration, let us start with the three branches of government.
Each of the three must refuse extra or special caretaking for parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, brothers, sisters, or immediate family members of any and everyone serving in any of the three branches of government.
These relatives will receive medications and services that will (we hope) prolong their lives. They are not to receive transplants, blood in excess of three pints, oxygen in more than two C tanks per day.
Major operations, hip replacements and/or the myriad of operations people need as they grow older will not be scheduled immediately but in due course.
They may, however, have face lifts, tummy tucks and plastic surgery to improve the way they look so we younger people will see them as good looking oldsters. These older people may not have surgeries performed by surgeons with more than three such operations under their belts. After all, the new doctors need practice, too. All of this must start with any and all relatives of those people in the Executive Branch with the other two branches being added over a three month period. Please note, in keeping with the growth of bureaucracy, those who hold this power of life and death will never be exposed to the public's scrutiny. Their presence will be denied and no reference to such offices will be allowed to be made. One more note: The relatives of the POTUS are to be excluded from this act. As are the relatives of multi millionaires and their hanger ons. As long as they can pay for it.
It is not just the poorly planned health care plan, nor its doomed to failure clauses. It is an accumulation of frustrations. To name a few:
and finally:
I can't resist some fun in this diatribe:
After both the Chief Justice John Roberts and President Barack Obama couldn't quote the Constitution correctly, the thought occurred to me that we might not have seen the last of President Bush.