Friday, October 30, 2009


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Sometimes you feel like a bush...
Well, it seems the University of New Mexico, not content to continue bleeding the people of New Mexico with more and more "projects" now wants us to keep paying a thug for hitting people appreciably smaller than he is.
The Regents want a winning football team.
So they hired a guy named Mike Locksley to coach their team. His former jobs included being the offensive coach of Illinois University for the past four seasons. In keeping with overpaid coaching jobs, he's happy to stick his mitts into roughly a million a year. (Meanwhile, the regents raised the registration fees for students.)
Well, the Lobos haven't won a single game under Locksley's coaching. It doesn't look as if they are going to, either. So an event occurred wherein Locksley punched an assistant coach in the face.
From the AP: New Mexico Lobos head coach Mike Locksley has been reprimanded for a fight involving an assistant coach, who told police Locksley struck him and split his lip. Athletic director Paul Krebs said at a news conference Monday that Locksley was issued "a verbal reprimand" with a follow-up letter placed in his personnel file after the Sept. 20 altercation. According to a police report, receivers coach J.B. Gerald said the fight occurred during a "heated" coaches meeting. "Locksley became angry, grabbed Gerald by the collar and punched him as other coaches tried to intervene."
Oh, did I mention that less than six months on the job and Coach Locksley was accused of sexual harassment, age discrimination and retaliation by a former administrative assistant.
The Athletic Director, Paul Krebs, stood behind the man he helped get the job. saying: "He is an outstanding football coach. I believe he is an outstanding individual," Krebs said. "I'm really looking forward to what he's able to build here long-term with our football program."
I guess that case is satisfied:
"Locksley's Ex-Worker Gets Raise, Free" By Martin Salazar, Albuquerque Journal Staff Writer
The woman, Sylvia Lopez, who dropped her sexual harassment and age discrimination complaint against the University of New Mexico's embattled football coach is getting thousands in back pay, a newly created job with a hefty pay increase and season tickets to all Lobo athletic programs.
Nor will University officials say whether Lopez is receiving any additional financial compensation as part of the settlement.
Lopez also got a different job (it pays about $5500 more per year) and she is also getting free season tickets for all Lobo athletics programs, UNM Communications Director Susan McKinsey said.
That's a settlement, it seems to me.
Now I'd like to ask Mr. Krebs, and the Regents, if they are sure this is the kind of man we want to teach our kids fair play, listening to others viewpoints and being respectful?
I have no intention of supporting the Lobos in any way, while they a bully teaching mayhem.