Thursday, October 23, 2008


No, it isn't the seeming love birds nor the seeming back stabbers. I swear Bill looks like he's plotting against Obamamama. . (Bill also looks fat, old and unkempt to me. But what do I know? I'm only a voter.) But I do get to make a choice. Herewith my choices and my reasoning. Oh, don't forget to click on the header.
  1. Obamamama wants us to give up our right to legally carry concealed weapons. Yep. He said so. Like Buck and FHB and Lin, I have no intention of turning in my permit. You see, we have read the Constitution and its Amendments, The Bill of Rights and people like Paine, Washington, Adams, Franklin and so on. And we've come to accept them as wise, wise people. The big O is from Chicago. Many years ago when I really, really loved everything about Chicago, even I wondered if I shouldn't have been carrying then.
  2. I know about big government expanding its sayso just to protect those who have fallen into cushy, good paying government jobs. The principle behind this is to make one's bureau so big, so complicated, with so many employees, that the average citizen gives up trying to get to you after the frustration mounts over his/her head and cascades down like rain from a hurricane. Or CYAWP. I gave up with Internal Revenue years ago. There is no chance that government bureau in charge of concealed weapons won't expand. Like Topsy.
  3. Clicking on the header takes one to Jack Cashill's admittedly muckraking page. But it talks about big O and retired terrorist (did I write that? Retired?) Bill Ayers. There seems to be a lot of truth bared in his reviews of Obamamama. There's a page of his essays(?) available at .
  4. I don't know about y'all (ooops linguistic slip) but I am tired of the people I elect to the Presidency or Congressional offices lying through their teeth to me. Yes, oral sex is indeed sex. Yes, weapons of mass destruction mean nuclear (not nucular) to me. Yes, breaking and entering is a violation of law and makes one a crook. Yes, allowing people to break American immigration laws is a crime. And on and on.
  5. I am sick of the lack of reasoning on voters parts when they don't seem to be able to recognize the obvious fact that unless the entire electoral system is changed, we the people are the ones who will suffer. (Actually neither candidate seems to see the need to end No Child Left Behind, teacher tenure and poor performance from teachers.) Give us back our schools Mr. would be President.
  6. I'm an old creeky male now, but I have lived through two Presidents dying in office. Franklin Delano Roosevelt when I was a pup (I used to listen to his fireside chats, well, my parents saw to it that I sat and listened) and John Fitzgerald Kennedy shot to death by at least one sniper. Neither of these events caused anything but grief and sorrow among the people of the United States. (I beg your pardon, one of them gave us a great President, the other a thief and scoundrel. No, figure it out yourself,) I do not want to witness a third such event. I will have to give McCain the edge in living out one term. I am afraid that O would not survive the sniper attack. We have a lunatic fringe (fringe? Hell, CNN says more than a third of the population will hate a black President. Viciously.) that still doesn't want blacks to have equality. But having written “A steady attack on the white race . . . served as the ballast that could prevent the ideas of personal and communal responsibility from tipping into an ocean of despair” is not a phrase to calm the lion's heart. Bill Ayers needed to choose his words more carefully. Unless he has a hidden agenda.
  7. The chances of my ever casting a vote for slobby looking governator Bill Richardson are found in between infinitesimal and none. The man is a carpet bagger. Have a look, have a listen, have a read. New Mexico should apologize to the other 49 for this fiasco. Sorry, America.
  8. OK. then it is McCain and Palin for me. Richardson gets my vote to be returned to Mexico. Revenge can be sweet.
  9. One more reason for my vote: I see no motivation (other than perhaps some jealousy) for the vicious and uncalled for attacks on Ms. Palin. You see, I can remember a neck tie salesman who didn't have much knowledge of how things worked in Washington suddenly having the Presidency thrust on him. And of his becoming one of the best Presidents America has ever had.