Saturday, August 29, 2009


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Is it all downhill? -------------------------------------- "ABC and NBC have refused to run a national ad critical of President Obama's health care reform plan." So say the headlines from web "newspapers". ( You can see the videohere.) As I see it, this is no longer a matter of wanting or not wanting either a "changed system" nor "Obama Care" in these United States. It has, instead, become something alien to our way of life and thinking. It is the undesirable way of knuckling under to the class bully. Did the Axis win WW II and we are about to enter into a totalitarian nightmare? The lame answers from these two networks (ABC and NBC) indicate something I never thought would be seen in the United States. It no longer matters whether one is for or against the Obama "Health Care" program. The only thing that matters is whether one is for or against the freedoms America stands for. It is blatantly apparent that these once proud networks have knuckled under to pressure from the White House and its minions. We must rise up and say we will not accept your weakling cowardice nor sorry excuses. We are smarter than you think we are. The United States was not built, nor can it long survive, without freedom of speech (read dissent). For anyone, anyone, to assume that only his way is right and force the rest of the country to follow his decisions will be fatal to our way of life. It is not a case of "I think he's right" nor "I think he's wrong". It is a case of much greater existence than that. It concerns the great freedoms in our once and still proud country. Your forebears, who gave their blood and lives to keep us one country and to protect that country, would not want us to surrender one inch of the freedoms they fought so valiantly for. Censorship is alien to the United States. Fight it at the polling booths. Don't surrender, America.