Saturday, May 16, 2009


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The cartoonist could have added many other things to his cartoon. And it still wouldn't be funny today. Wise and perspicacious? Yes. Sad? Yes. Funny? Not deep down.
It becomes clearer and clearer that President Obama (and the power brokers) have a much, much different view of the word "Change" than did we members of that political party.
We thought it meant things like ending a stupid war, controlling the influx of illegal aliens, not allowing shoddy goods from China to be in every retail store in America (waiting to maim and kill us). We thought it meant a real fix where the outrageous cost of health care (in the wealthiest nation on earth) would send even rich people to the dole. We thought that Americans would be employed in good paying, good benefit jobs, with good retirement waiting for them after years of loyal service and trust in their employers.
We thought that we loyal Americans would be honored for our service, which we willingly rendered to the U.S. We believed that we were a part of the Constitution and it was a part of us, as much as we were faithful Americans. As much as we had been ready to give our lives for our beloved country.
We didn't expect things like this to be newsworthy. After all, Wisconsin is a hunter's paradise. And those down to earth folks don't care for gangs. Are you listening Washington? Or contains some interesting facts about about two males who chose to soil a nationally known site in Yellowstone Park. Those of us who were considering buying a new car now find our choice severely limited. One of our major car companies has been closed down by the Federal Government, another has been severely curtailed in what they can do. All the while the banks and the finance companies (owned by the banks) have the been allowed to stick their hands in the public coffers and fill their pockets. Did you ask who is suffering? The American worker, of course. You know, the guys and gals who were once termed the "back bone of America". When our President (and his crew) have broken enough unions into penuriousness, the time will come when all of us will get "cut back notices" on the amounts of money we will paid. (I know a couple of companies that have already done this.) I read a comedian's one liner the other day. Here it is, with no commment: I’m planning to retire and live off my savings. What I’ll do the second day, I have no idea. ********************************************************************************** This from the web: An unidentified 11th-grade student in Pelham Manor, N.Y., was called into the office for a chat with the assistant principal -- and the police. The boy was reportedly researching how to conceal a gun. After interviewing the student, the police and the principal determined that there was absolutely no threat, and in fact the report was wrong: the teen was actually researching the state's laws on guns. A school spokeswoman said the boy was not disciplined, and remains in school. So who turned him in? The Pelham Public Library. "It is not our procedure to notify somebody" about patrons' book choices, said library Director Patricia Perito, but she "had to" look into the matter by informing the school. (White Plains Journal News) We have become a nation of people who are more afraid of giving offence than interested in standing up for what is right.