Friday, June 22, 2007


The city of Albuquerque has decided that to live with state laws, they had to dig warning trenches at all intersections that have red light cameras. So now we can hear bump, bump, bumpety bump, every time we approach an intersection with a camera. This is to warn the scofflaws that if their mommas and/or daddys are loaded with dough, they can have an expensive attorney get them off free. Sort of like Paris Hilton. But with lots less publicity.
And I'm sure that the warnings will also cause a lot of skidding (because they're driving too fast?) and sliding (into other vehicles?).
They should also be a boon to shock absorber repairing companies. Lots more vehicles will need repairs (as if our potholes didn't help enough). They call them Rumble Grooves. How cute. But there are four intersections where the surface is concrete. So Rumble Strips will be installed there. These Rumble Strips are considered dangerous to cyclists and might even cause anti-lock brakes to function without warning.
John Castillo, the city's director of municipal development, says he's had a lot of "positive feedback". That people have remarked the Strips and Grooves alert them to the cameras. Well, duh. I think Mr. Castillo needs to find another job. He certainly doesn't seem to know anything about road safety.
On the other hand, Marty Chavez (our Mayor) and Ray Schultz (our Police Chief) do know a good deal about it. But they have to try and buck people like William Payne a state Senator from Albuquerque (who probably has tickets for running the lights).
I don't know if it will work, but I've put a link to the local newspaper and this article on the header. If it yells about not being a member there should be a link that lets you sign on as a guest.
Dang it. Another storm. Logging off.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Sleep said I. Sleep said Wild Thing. Sleep said the cats. We slept. And went potty and slept some more. And then we napped.
It's good to be home.
I had a recurring nightmare, but. (Hi, Aussie Journalist.) In my horrifying dream the cost of filling the gas tank went up and up and up. But we got the old fashioned service: you know, a guy pumped the gas, cleaned the windshield, checked the oil. Only he always gave us a bill for these formerly free services. And kept constantly mumbling something that sounded like "Mission Accomplished, Mission Accomplished", "No nucular weapons." And he looked very familiar.
Long trip, but fun with the grandkids. The best part may have been returning them to their parents. Revenge can be very enjoyable.
We found an absolutely wonderful motel keeper lady. Racksha Patel by name. She runs a Days Inn place in Houston. We had very large accommodations (even a sitting room) for a fair price. But the gem was Raksha. She went out of her way to make sure our slightest needs were taken care of in a "right now" mode. (Clicking on the header takes you to their web site.)
If you ever need to stay over in Houston, we recommend this motel. It's been a long time since a hotelier displayed such pleasure and willingness to please us in motel setting.
On the uglier side of our trip, we suffered from the stifling humidity of Houston. Combined with the overpowering stench of the vehicles emissions, it was not the free and easy breathing we enjoy here in Albuquerque.
We even managed to go into Louisiana for an overnight gambling lark (with Wild Thing's best friend, who lives in Houston).
I had some fun there, in a second rate gambling establishment, although Wild Thing didn't enjoy it too much. (Translation: I won, she lost.)
Dang it. We've had a few short lived electrical storms in the past few days and XP has not been fried. Wow. I'm impressed. I can remember when one hit caused me to have to reload Win98.