Wednesday, February 4, 2009


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Mr. President, sir.

I know this may be an imposition on your valuable time since you have to keep accepting resignations from your Cabinet choices (and probably regretting having chosen other people you shouldn't have named as bosses), but I'd like to take the time and ask you, as one American to another, if you might be able to help me out on a few things.

  1. I'm just a little guy (almost a millionaire at one time, but I got eaten alive by medical care), so I'm not rich. But I wonder if you could re-arrange the economy so I could regain my status as an average, middle class citizen? With the loss of all these good paying, middle class jobs, I might have to go work for MickeyD's. With my Master's and Doctorate work. I really think I should be able to do better than that.
  2. I've noticed that oh so many politicians feel that in our country, nowadays, it seems to be good form to lie. And often, it doesn't matter what they lie about. It is as if they were making a direct assault on our morality fable about G. Washington. There was a time, sir, when getting caught lying to the public automatically bropught about an impeachment trial and removal from office. That rarely happens nowadays. (See Bill Richardson, as an example.) We had great men and women in public office back when this country was founded. Those who weren't got dumped. So, I would like to ask you to try and restore real honesty, at least to our government. Would you?
  3. Please put men and women on your staff and in your cabinet who are not named for these jobs because they raised huge amounts of money for your campaign. Seems to me there are many, many people in America who could fill some of those posts and do the jobs better and more honestly than money grubbers. Would you?
  4. Please let all the journalists know that they don't have to try and expand your powers with the printed word. After all, you didn't "impose an executive pay cap" did you? I believe I heard you say you asked Congress to do that. See, sir, that's part of the problem with broadcast and printed news: Journalists and editors want to create a situation in which the subject must, sooner or later fail. Please promise not to get caught in their traps?
  5. Please help us remember, Mister President, that America is a country founded on law and no one should be permitted to violate our laws with impunity for any reason. That begins with petty shoplifting charges, to illegally entering the country, to powerful men stealing from the taxpayers and/donors. Please give our morality back to us?
  6. This is also just a suggestion, but do you think you could call a governor's conference and let them all know that you, as President, will not tolerate irresponsibilty, fiscal or physical, in any shape or form? We would sure appreciate that.
  7. I'm kind of an internet hound, and I'd like to hear you state, positively, that you will forbid the Federal (or any other American or body of) government to take away any of our freedoms in its use. I believe that using our right to free and unfettered speech must remain a prime purpose of any President. Yes, I know that means we'll have to accept porno and other distasteful sites being there, but we don't have to visit them. Would you help?
  8. I note that there doesn't seem to be any bail out for small business firms in the Executive Bail Out Plan. (At least I haven't heard of any.) Well, sir, I think you know that small businesses, as a group, have more employees even than your federal government. And those people are losing their jobs. Could you help them out?
  9. We all have heard of terrorist groups like Hamas and Qaeda and so on, and I was wondering if we could stop sending any and all aid, in any form, to those countries that are harboring these groups? Seems kind of silly to me to help, in any way, the state that is helping support those who want to kill all Americans. Would you consider this?
  10. I have heard horrendous stories about our country giving many, many nations "favored" status so that we charge them almost no duty for their goods, but we Americans pay outrageous duty on goods we send them. Would you put a stop to this, please?
  11. Since we are in a depression (not a recession) would you agree that it might be a good time to reorganize and institute the old WWII organization, the Office Of Price Administration? And give them control over the oil companies, too? I'd sure appreciate that, too.
  12. I would like to see you do something about Social Security, too, if you would, sir. No, I don't want to see it laid on the door step of the people to control their retirement money. If you give them the cash to invest, I am sure you will know what will happen. But here is a modest suggestion: Take the survivors of wage earners and children off the SS rolls. They haven't worked for retirement yet. It's not for them. Take the handicapped off the SS rolls. Few are at the retirement age. The children and survivors should have an entirely different funding plan. So, too, should the handicapped. (While you're at it, maybe you could get the new agency to really tighten up on the "handicap" regulations?) You see, sir, if just those two things happened, Social Security would go back to what it was meant for and would be solvent once again.
  13. Since your party has control of both houses, do you think you might ask them to give you a line item veto? That would give you the power to approve or negate the pork barrel items. (And you might consider having them put some teeth in a new act. Like automatic, non-revokable impeachment and jail for any sitting President who was found guilty of deliberately allowing pork in any government budget. I'm pretty sure you think the people would like to have control of their government spending back?
  14. Maybe you could give the FDA more money so they could catch these horrible diseases and infections from reaching us? Whoever heard of an American staple like peanut butter having the evil to kill you? In fact, sir, it seems strange to me that a country like ours (who can feed the world) should be importing food from any other country. While we pour milk down storm drains and plow wheat under the ground. Would you give us our food back?
  15. One final suggestion for this round: How about putting God back in our schools? And in our country? After all Charles Darwin was a lad of some 26 years when he wrote about nature (an undefined word) making changes in all the animals on earth. After he may or may not have "investigated" an island in the Pacific. And, by the way, he never denounced God, nor suggested that what he wrote was any more than theory.

That's all I have for now, but it surely would be grand to have America back. Thank you, sir.