Tuesday, November 4, 2008


You might need to click the header after this. It's the first Tuesday in November. Perhaps the day we learn about who our next President will be. I'm holding this posting, waiting to see what is going to be and hoping that I will not need to use it. . That's a pretty ugly caricature, to me. Was sent from Australia by a close friend. Didn't say where she got it from. . I know that oh so many of the younger generation have virtually no knowledge of the Watts Riots, the Chicago Riots, the New York Riots and the many others that occurred after Martin Luther King was slain by a loony toon. It was horrendous. And to make it worse, while most Americans liked and admired him for his stand on civil rights, they despised the many riots that became an excuse for looting and "getting stuff" that the rioters didn't own. . Many businesses were wiped off the scene because of the destruction. Innocent shopkeepers and employees no longer had a business to ply, wages to earn, money for normal expenses. And that was for an orator and believer in a Christian life style. A great man, an American Ghandi. . We all lost when that inane assassination took place. Not just black people. Not just white people. Not just yellow people. All of us. Another voice for sanity was stilled. . It's now the day after the election. . Another thing that bothers me is the continual referral to President-elect Obama as being "black". As I understand his heritage, his father was black, his mother white. I am not sure how that makes him black. Math taught to me early in my education said that if 50% was all one thing and the other 50% was all another thing, they could be referred to as "one". So why is he never referred to as our White President-elect? He's as much white (elitist, snobbish) as he is black (user, fast talker). See? Bad words to describe both situations. Do they apply? . But "black" is the way he is being seen. There are many (too many) blacks who think that their particular situation is going to magically become better because of half his color. Their are many (too many) whites who think that their beliefs will magically come true because of half his color. It ain't gonna happen, folks. . It's interesting to see that virtually all of the blogs by young people (and older ones) on his side, will, sooner or later, bring up the color question, beating their chests, either sneering at their elders (a common affliction among those learning to think) or denigrating them in some other manner. My question? If color doesn't mean anything to you, then why do you even mention it? After all, I don't care if my new car has six coats of paint or seven. Nor do I care if my new computer has a gray or white CPU case. . What I do care about and what I am concerned with is the highly possible event of an assassination attempt on our new President. Yeah, I supported the other guy, but there is no way I want the trauma of that kind of event. I didn't dislike the victor that much. . There are terrible scenes that come to mind, should he be slain by the screwloose haters of black people. The psychology of these individuals doesn't interest me. What does is the psychology of the black people and their allies from other races. It could lead to armed and vicious riots throughout the country. People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would not help defuse the situation but would most likely inflame it. The toll would be enormous. Old friendships would be destroyed. Theft, banditry, arson and looting would prevail. Our country would be immersed in another virtual civil war. We wouldn't need our armies in the middle east. We would need them here, in our country. Picture it yourself. . I am very, very concerned. Let us hope I am wrong. . I hope our new President is not going to name Billy Richardson to anything more inspiring than fourth assistant to assistant placing. On the other hand, he could use the services of Terry Tamminen.