Sunday, May 25, 2008


Would you vote for this man? For:
  1. 1. Sheriff
  2. 2. Medical Examiner
  3. 3. Mayor
  4. 4. Governor
  5. 5. State Auditor
  6. 6. President
  7. 7. Vice President
  8. 8. President of Mexico
  9. 9. President of a Banana Republic
  10. Or
  11. 10. None of the above.

Someone needs to get hold of Barack Obama and warn him. I can guarantee a lot of lost votes should he decide to give this governator any kind of federal job.

Mr. Obama needs to exercise a lot of thought about the man who hides behind this beard. He is definitely secreting something and it only bodes good for him, not for those around him. He is selfish, concentrates on "what's in it for me" kind of thinking and can do no good either for the Democrats nor the United States.


The racism card has already been played once by the campaign. Playing it again, this time with those of Mexican descent could lead to a disaster. Understanding the pitfalls inherent in going into that arena should be prime to Obama's campaign. One can hope his advisers warn him properly of the nasty potential.


What brought this on? Well, our daily mistake, er, TV news channel, informs us that what was going to be an open meeting town hall style that would be held tomorrow with veterans and their families, will now be by invitation only. Barrack's elitism seems to be showing, the governator's cowardice is evident and the people are the losers.

Barrack's wife, Michelle, will hold two fundraisers for her hubby. Both of them will be closed to the public.


I'm not interested in giving up our country to those who only want to put gains in their pockets from its richness and promise.


There's something from a publication called "Pajama News" (or some such name) that I found to be a reasoned article (for the most part), under the header. Click it if you're interested.