Thursday, January 31, 2008


What a time. But at least there's a smile up there now. Please permit me a digression from my usual themes, but there was a moment during this period that I almost lost it. Seriously. The light in my life was damn near extinguished. But she's back now. And healing very well, thank you. My Wild Thing suffered a heart attack about 2 am in the morning. It was scary. EMT's, firemen, ambulance drivers all over the place. At least they were reasonably silent. Or at least quiet. Off she went to the emergency room. My neighbor drove me to the hospital (kept me out of trouble, cause my world was collapsing and I probably would have run into or onto something). A little history here: Wild Thing has brought a style of living to me that most men would die to have. I have long recognized that she accepts my slightest suggestion as a wish she must make happen for me. I became very, very careful never to make asinine nor outrageous "wants" nor desires known since I discovered this. (And, yes, I treat her wishes the same way.) We are really two people who are as close as individuals can be. An example? Some years ago, while dining in a restaurant, a waitress noticed us holding hands. I guess she was surprised to see two old fogies doing this. She asked, innocently, "How long have you two been married?" Without missing a beat, I looked in Wild Things eyes and gave the only possible answer: "Not long enough." Now that I've given you a glance into our private lives, I hope it explains why her physical problem and lack of what I consider proper after care, caused me to stop blogging and reading your great blogs. The computer became a great doorstop for a number of days. But she's on the mend now and I''m damned glad. After all, there is no world without My Wild Thing. . And just for fun, click on the header.