Wednesday, July 16, 2008


There's a little shock item you might be interested in when you click the header. It seems to me rather Machiavellian in the worst sense of that term. It purports to tell you what you're worth to your country. Not sure if I believe that article. . An apology for my failure to continue the saga of the Beagle and her youthful "scientist" herewith. The death of someone you almost met, but had admiration for, can be most unsettling. Here's to you, Mark. . There are many things I find disquieting about the "theory" of evolution. And many things I find satisfying. Well, some things, anyway. It seems strange that we willingly accept that various "species" of mankind existed side by side, interbred, did (or did not) discriminate against each other (how would you really know?) Killed each other in the equivalent of modern wars, got along peacefully and learned from each other, ate the same foods, did not eat the same foods, drew cave paintings, did not draw them and on and on and on. . Dichotomy's abound. Since it seems to me that if other beings can draw conclusions based on opinions, so can I. So can you. In fact we can have a plethora of opinions, if we want to. How about writing a post on whether or not (including why) you believe as you do? Is the theory of relativity true or are the facts bent to conform to someone's wishes? Please do not bring religion into the discussion (I'm composing a post about that, too.), but stay in young Mister Darwin's theory. . Dang it, trouble with Blogger. Posting this now (I hope).