Friday, March 12, 2010


The Header. Click the dang header. ------------------------------- The reason for this picture? Simple, really. I saw a comparison between Obamacare and the true meaning of his Health Care Plan. -------------------------------- And I haven't been able to figure that out, either. Every time I take a look at the plan (should that be a capital P?), My head starts swimming with all the potential dangers that are on almost every single page. ----------------------------------- It's sort of like inviting that hairy, tattooed guy with the bad teeth to join you at your dinner table. And stay overnight. For a week or two. Mr. President Obama apparently doesn't see it my way. He thinks (maybe?) that this disaster of a piece of legislation has a chance. He is so sold on this farce (of which, by the way, he did not write a paragraph) that he has sent one of his minions, the Reverend Jim Wallis (of whom, U.S. News and World Report said, "In more than three decades in the capital, the 60-year-old Wallis has never been much in demand.") He was apparently so liberal that, in the early 1970s, he faced pressure to leave Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois because of his anti-Vietnam War activism. Oh. I'm sure there are other things he found most people would not accept, but that's not the reason for this blog. In an interview between Glen and Pat some of the conversation went like this: GLENN: "Yes. The Reverend Jim Wallis." PAT: "Oh, that Christian blogger. And by the way, did they mention that he's an advisor, a spiritual advisor to the president of the United States, Barack Obama?" But do we care about a far left evangelical, attacking a loud mouthed, often unthinking, right wing commentator? Nah. But what I see here is a man in a position of great power, stooping to squeeze a pimple when he has no need to behave this way. I see our President acting like the school bully in an attempt to discredit a man who can handle that chore himself. He can do a numer on himself. What I see is a man who has the power to destroy the world, behaving like a spoiled brat and trying to harm a citizen of his own country. Trying to harm an equally legitimate citizen who has a right to his own opinion. And that use of power scares me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Click the header. Those who fail to do this will be watched by Big Brother.
Reality is striking at last. Slowly, but surely, you and I will learn that the "fertilizers" and "growth stimulants" being used today are changing the consistency and naturalness of our foods. Exposing our plants to radiation is fooling with the basic building blocks (remember them?) of our comestibles.
The current idea of hiding the changing flavors and tastes of our foods by oversalting and over spicing them should not really fool anyone into thinking we are eating the same food our forebears did. It is altered...and not always in a positive manner.
Chemists will explain to you that the food you feed your dog and cat are "chemically" the same as real meat. Maybe so, but this alteration seems to have moved into human consumption, also.
And it is not true that the "chemical" change is identical to the natural state of our food. (I no longer buy prepared food for my four legged friends. I now make their foods myself. From the real thing.)
For some reason, reading postings like the one below always seem to make me think of the film "Soylent Green".