Sunday, January 4, 2009


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<----- You don't suppose someone reacted to Bill Richardson's withdrawal from President Obama's gift of a cabinet post for raising a lot of money for the Pres? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Myass he didn't. For those who had to learn about (or voluntarily studied) the Civil War and got as far as the "carpetbaggers" of that era, the actions of those less than desirable unjailed felons must remind you of Billy's actions. His "withdrawal" was to show President Obama how loyal he was to the "squeaky clean" image Obama wants. And may deserve. Time will tell about that.
By the way, Yass is here It's in southern New South Wales, Australia.
Now, today's local paper (The Albuquerque Journal), has the front page taken up with a photo of Billy Boy and President elect Obama. For what it is worth, I would struggle and fight and swear should anyone want my photo taken with Richardson.
Here's the Journal's updated protectionist articles:
I can't help but wonder why no one on the Obama staff can type "Carpetbagger" into a search engine and find out what Bill Richardson is about.
New Mexico, Citizens of America, hear this: William Richardson does not deserve your trust. He does not care about New Mexico nor about you and yours.
Mouthing sympathetic words, but accomplishing nothing positive, is no way to treat an American.
Putting your state into a lose/lose situation financially is no way to treat an American.
Spending far more money than your state can raise is no way to treat an American.
Not caring about the poor showing education has in your state (high school graduates number about 49% here) is no way to treat an American.
Not caring about whether the citizens can get medical care when they need it (23% drop out of medical care here) is not American.
Bill Richardson, as I see him, is not a caring politician.