Saturday, May 10, 2008


Oh, wow. Bill's at it again. He must be.
Reality and Richardson are two things that should not be used in the same sentence.
Here's an interesting article from the way back machine (check out the date line):
That was valid then. It is even more valid, now that the highest ranking Mexican police officer has been murdered.
War has been going on in Mexico for some years now. Drug cartels, earning more money than Bush is spending are gigantic, profitable and unafraid of police. Even American police. The borders of our country are a sieve allowing Mexicans to cross them at will. Mexican drug lords have been aware of this for a long time. New Mexico, Arizona, California, Texas all have had "border incidents". I say it's border warfare. The criminals usually withdraw from American soil before our Federales are even sent to the locale.
But make no mistake about it. When the drug lords are ready, they'll make their inroads in quick, vicious attacks and then use those Americans who feel sorry for the poor illegals to protect their invasion. They are not stupid men. They're just not good baseball players.
They'll plead they are being hunted down by the Mexican police and ask for sanctuary.
Some news while I was writing this post: Juan Antonio Roman, the No. 2 policeman in the gritty border city of Ciudad Juarez, was riddled with bullets outside his home as he stepped from his pickup truck in the early hours of the morning, a police spokesman said.
A police chief from Mexico crossed the border seeking safety and asylum in America a week or two ago.
So Bill is in Mexico now, and: "New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said Wednesday that he has seen an improvement in security along the U.S.-Mexico border." And: "More than 200 people have been killed so far this year in Ciudad Juarez, a city of 1.3 million across from El Paso, Texas that is home base for the Juarez cartel." A wave of organized crime and drug-related violence has shaken Mexico in recent years, killing more than 2,500 people in 2007 alone.
So Bill is down there making syrupy talk, kissing anatomy and pretending that this violence is not going on. What a man. What a governator. What a phony.
America does not need this man in any political office.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Billy, we hardly knew ya.
Lemme see, thirty or so extra pounds, a cheaper suit than Barracks and a beard to hide behind.
Do you believe he's thinking something like "Boy, have I got this guy suckered in. Move over, sonny and make room for your new Secretary of State."?
Or do you think he's going to kiss the candidate. After all, he's got his arm around the man.
I thought it kind of funny the governator had a flag pin on, after all the fuss about Barracks not wearing one.
One of the biggest reasons to oppose Sen. Obama is to make sure Bill can’t even drive near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Let alone get inside.
Yeah, Bill's shown his loyalty and dependability by turning his back on the Clintons (he'd be picking fruit if it weren't for Ex prez Clinton. Another reason to dislike the male Clinton.)
Is it possible to refer to Hillary as Dr. Frankenstein? Or Igor? And ask her what, now that it breathes, she intends to do with it?
Other than my learned distrust of this man (I was NOT born despising him) what's new about his farce of pretending to be a worthy Governor?
I'm glad you asked (He, he, he). I don't know if you've heard of the horrendous, uncontrolled fire that burned in one of our mountain chains? The Manzano mountains. They separate Albuquerque from a beautiful wilderness area. A number of people live there, doing what people in forested areas do.
Anyway, fire officials say it was deliberately started by humans (who have to be at the bottom of the evolutionary scale). The fire raced through the underbrush and became a conflagration. Winds (some as high as 50 mph) pushed the inferno along. The crews were not making headway against the fire, anywhere along the line. Then a lessening of the wind and the fire fighters had it 35% contained. It was looking good. The governator looked the scene over and declared it a disaster area. He was appalled at the damage. Horrified. Aghast with disgust.
So he went to the Kentucky Derby to rub elbows with the rich (in an effort to get them to contribute to Barracks' campaign?) and drink mint juleps.
While the fire burned and destroyed the lives of those caught in the holocaust. The fire was again fanned by high winds and routed the gallant defenders. It was, apparently, a super effort by the fire fighters that they stopped the flareup from consuming everything in its path.
But that didn't stop our Bill from flying to Kentucky, sucking up to the wealthy, (he's had lots of practice at that.) and raising dough for Barracks' campaign.
Oh, yeah, something to add to his "caring about New Mexico" horsepuckies: He was so used to being away from N.M., he didn't bother to tell the lieutenant governor he would be gone. The governator's spokesman (read toady) said it was "an oversight". Oh, yeah. Sure.
Someday we'll get a real Governor here again. But it ain't Bill Richardson.
About that hairy ape look on his face? Men grow beards when they want to hide something. Wonder what he's hiding? Or maybe, wonder what he isn't hiding?
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