Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Would you let daughter date someone who looked like this?
Be sure to click the header. I can't help but feel most of these people are from New Mexico. (Paranoid, I guess.)
Anyway, our governator (one Bill Richardson) , apparently counting on two factors, thought he might get away with something where tax payer money was concerned. (The factors? 1. Nobody would notice. 2. The majority of New Mexicans fit the category of the header link.)
Ooooops Bill. You got caught. The Albuquerque Journal saw it and it seems more NMers are smarter than both you and I thought.
The part about this that is really amazing is that our President elect wasn't aware that the man he chose to be in charge of our economy seems to be a wastrel where tax payers are concerned. He feeds at the public trough as though there was no end and our new leader is not aware of it. Or maybe his "loyalty" to his fund raisers knows no bounds. There's an article in the Albuquerque Journal that will clarify this for you:
You may have to "register" but it's free.


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas (I don't do "Seasons Greetings) and have plenty of meat and a horde of mice to catch and devour. P.S.: Back scratchings, ear cleanings and belly rubs are good too. Get plenty of them from your two legged slaves. They enjoy it. I've also seen to it that you have flowers for your tables. Just click the header and pick what you like.