Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Dubya has a problem understand why this baby is crying. Of course, the President has a problem understanding many things. Mr. President, the baby is crying because he can't see the American dream coming true for him. There might not be any jobs for him when he grows up and he'll have to be humiliated by taking alms from the millionaires.
Arizona and its legislators seem to understand this major problem in America and are showing the other 49 states what to do about it.
They have taken action to stop supplying jobs and money. And free medical care. And free schools. And free housing. And free food. And all the other freebies. Not for citizens, but for those of the illegal invasion.
The illegal aliens who think they have some right to the labor and actions Americans have taken to secure their own lives have come a cropper. The illegals, as a group, could care less about the Americans who died protecting the U.S. and yes, Mexico too. (Mexico did not send troops to fight in either of the World Wars, nor Korea, nor Nam nor any of the later wars where Americans fought and died.)
Arizona is saying, in effect, you people who seem to believe that you have more rights than other people in other countries to come into America are wrong. Your "rights" can be summed up in one word: None. Or in your language: Nada. You have no rights in this country. You are persona non grata. Go back to your country, start an economic revolution there, apply to legally come to America and when it is your turn you will be welcomed with open arms. Until then, get it through your heads. You are not wanted here.
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