Sunday, March 21, 2010


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How many times have we heard the warning to be careful what we write about in our emails?
Lots and lots and lots.
So, we are careful. But it seems some people are not so cautious.
Albuquerque is situated in a county named Bernalillo here in old New Mexico (I liked that one).
Anyway, the County is under the political control of five elected Commisioners.
Well, seems one of the commissioners (Michael Wiener) has a sense of humor and when he came across a joke he liked, he sent it to the county jail chief and County Manager.
Here's where the story gets juicy: Seems he sent it from a private email account to some (how many is unknown) of his other cronies, too. Like other collectors of motor vehicle plates. And who knows how many others. In any case, a reporter, Thomas Cole, "just obtained" a copy of it and has published it in the Albuquerque Journal. On the front page. And it hit the fan.
Oh, okay, I guess if the granny paper of our town can print it, so can I. Herewith:
Sex In The Shower
"In a recent survey by President Obama, African Americans have proved to be the most likely to have sex in the shower!
"In the survey, carried out for him by a leading toiletries firm, a huge majority, 86 percent, of African Americans said that they have enjoyed sex in the shower.
"The other 14 percent said they hadn't been to prison yet."
Tasteless, but who am I to condemn what others find amusing?
It seems our intrepid reporter (Tom Cole) called the jail chief and the County Manager, neither of whom could recall the email, but when shown the copy, both said they considered it inappropriate.
Mike Wiener said he didn't remember sending the e-mail and wanted to know how Cole got a copy. He added: "We certainly don't condone that type of behavior in the jail."
Wiener also added that he didn't think the joke was racist although he conceded that he could see how some people might interpret it that way.
By the way, reporter Cole did NOT tell Mike Wiener how he got the copy.
Whatever happened to the old Red Skelton type of humor?
Just sayin'.