Thursday, May 24, 2007


The anti red light and speeder camera group is at it again in Albuquerque. They want the cameras done away with. And they're very voiciferous about it, too.
I can only surmise that these people, led by State Senator William Payne, have all been caught (and probably more than once) by these tell-alls.
The psychology here is so obvious it's painful. These yahoos (no not the search engine) feel that they have both the right to speed and the right to run red lights. It's that simple.
They're special people who are above our mere mortal laws. They have priority over the rest of us. I just didn't understand that before. Pussy footing with the laws where a sub human like Paris Hilton has a weak sentence cut in half because of the money she has inherited (notice I did not say she earned it), should have explained it. Stupid me.
And the bull that came from the Bobby and Al Unser's mouths when they threatened the police was dismissed. You can't say that their limited fame and money protected them from the penalties of the law. They really shouldn't have been charged with anything in the first place. They're special people. Semi literate, but special.
In any case, I have come up with a individual alternative for such people. The stop and go light in the picture is designed for their use. And their use only. The rest of us humans still have to use the old three light model. You see, with that light above, they cannot be charged with running the amber light and we all know they wouldn't run the red light.
Think how much safer our intersections will be with this set up. The lead foots (I didn't say lead brains) will never have to worry about going through on the yellow light. Just be sure you don't venture into the intersection while they are on the road.
Our city council (made up of intellectually deficient men and women) is going to lower the penalties for breaking the law, too. Yep, cutting the fines down to a slap on the wrist. Another law on the books that is toothless. More cars destroyed, more twisted bodies in the morgue.
Did I mention that a toothless law is pointless law? Sort of sad, isn't it?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Yes, I'm in "attack mode". There's a dangerous web site using a URL very close to mine. Please make sure you do NOT click nor accidentally enter this URL in your browser:
htwow.QuerkeyTurkey.blogs pot.
It has been reported as a HIGH RISK:
"Owner: Gigablast CallingID verification tests have found the following: Site owner is not listed as an active organization. This link is deceiving. By clicking on the link you will reach the site GIGABLAST.COM and not POT.COM. The site ownership has been identified.The site is not on a scamming or phishing blacklist. This site currently being accessed has a CallingID risk assessment of High Risk. Before you proceed please visually verify this is the site you want to visit and give information with caution as hackers often use this connectivity type."
I've deactivated the link in this post. The com has been removed.

Monday, May 21, 2007


I received this email from Purina in reponse to my complaint abut their having changed the cat and dog food formulas. I'd sure like a chemist to tell me that it doesn't matter whether a protein obtained from plants is the same as a protein obtained from animals. "Thank you for contacting Nestlé Purina PetCare Company.We appreciate your interest in our products. Please know that you are correct, cats are carnivores. Keep in mind, a protein molecule is made up of a combination of amino acids. The way the amino acids are arranged determines the nature of the protein. Whether protein is obtained from plants or animals is not as critical as the balance of amino acids. There are 23 different amino acids. Eleven amino acids are considered essential to a cat's diet and ten are considered essential to a dog's diet because the system of the cat and dog cannot manufacture these amino acids in large enough quantities to maintain body functions. Animal products are excellent sources of protein, but plants also contain valuable amino acids. Plant proteins, when combined with animal proteins or other plant proteins, can provide the proper amino acid balance for every life stage of the cat and dog. The protein in Purina pet foods is obtained from a combination of animal and plant sources.Again, thank you for visiting our web site." Do you suppose that a protein not being so critical occurred to Purina as a way to save some money? The protein in Purina pet foods is obtained from Plant and animal sources. Plants first. A smaller amount of animal protein. What I really am aware of is that all my cats have refused to eat the new Purina formulae. They've even chosen to boycott the canned foods they loved last week. I'm going to talk to some butchers in the grocery stores.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Mexicans aren't sold on U.S. immigration plan. Many in Mexico expressed disappointment Friday with the U.S. Congress' immigration reform proposal, arguing it doesn't let enough Mexicans enter the United States legally to work. In Mexico City, women now have open access to abortion during the first 12 weeks of their pregnancy, making the Third World metropolis more liberalized than South Dakota. This is highly controversial in such a Catholic nation. In fact, Mexico City is perhaps the only place in Latin America where abortions are widely available. Many in this hemisphere feel that the purpose of law is to protect the helpless in society, and deplore this turn of events. Some complain that they can't live in a country where this can happen. The city government, however, contends that too many illegal and unsafe abortions have been taking place. Such an unpopular move is sure to doom Mexico's left wing in future elections. N.M. Senators Introduce Bill To Expand Laser Visa Zone To 100 Miles Of Southwest Border Wowee. Now we can see if you've got a visa to be here from 100 miles away. That is, if the mountains and sand dunes don't get in the way. I've got to get a job with the government . I received an invitation to visit a blog new to me. Maybe you've heard of it. Some of the things on this blog, written by a John W Lillopp, of San Jose, California, make sense. When you're done with this stuff, please visit this site and run the Secunia Software Inspector to make sure that your system is up-to-date: It's a great program I can't recommend too highly. No spyware and from a highly recommended and respected company.