Wednesday, February 14, 2007


January 26, 2007 - Children growing up alongside freeways risk having their lung development impaired, which can increase their likelihood of serious respiratory disease later in life. Other studies have shown that children living next to highways are more likely to develop respiratory problems such as asthma. But the report in the journal the Lancet is the first to show that long exposure to car and truck exhaust actually affects the growth of lungs and, as a result, their capacity. Researchers add reduced lung capacity is a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease and respiratory diseases such as emphysema. (I couldn't find the link for this. It sounds like a big city newspaper or a superficial medical site. I didn't mean The Lancet, the most respected British Medical Journal in the world.) There is an excellent book about this, called Lives Per Gallon. You may want to read it.

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