Wednesday, February 28, 2007


To be filed under: "I only know what I read in the newspapers." Seems "the city's plan" (read the Mayor) wants to install a 210 foot reflecting pool at our obscure International Balloon Park Museum. It would cost "about $2.5 million" and that would give us a pool, fountains, landscaping and park. No one seems to know where that guess came from. I think they call it an estimate. (When I was in the business, I always pointed out that an estimate was really a guess.) The chairman of the board of the museum complains that the museum looks like a building that was just "stuck there." He suggests it would make a great place for "weddings and 'other events'," too. He doesn't say what other events. Just other events. We know Hesoner is all for it. The first warning came from his office a few days before this article. He even said he approved of making it look better. Marty loves landscaping. While our schools still don't have enough rooms, teachers nor supplies. And many seniors go without household help in their golden years because they can no longer physically do the household chores. But I guess Marty feels looking good is better than helping someone . It seems to me that our brand new "museum" needs to take more time, use the money it has available and prove itself worthwhile from the admision fees it charges. If it can't make it from these methods, then let the "directors" come to the taxpayers and ask for their help. We have a tremendous number of minimum wage earners here who would undoubtedly be willing to pay to help out a rich man's facility.