Friday, April 27, 2007


Sometimes it's hard to get people's attention. This nonsense about the weekend warriors hurt feelings is turning sillier and sillier. The Tempest In A Teapot blog doesn't seem to be waking up the politicians.
Now, one of our Representatives, (The Honorable) Tom Udall, (D. - N.M.) is calling a legitimate Army inspection "unfortunate and degrading and unacceptable".
"This doesn't appear to be the type of behavior that is supportive of our troops."
Well, howdy. In my opinion, the Army has an obligation to make certain that there are no organized gang members wearing an American Army uniform, carrying extremely lethal weapons, in a combat situation. After all, these soldiers are being trained to kill and destroy an enemy. And believe me, Albuquerque has many, many gang members who would appreciate free training in wiping out their enemies.
I remember a quote, imperfectly perhaps, that states "Ceaser's wife must appear to be beyond reproach."
The Army is not an organization that should mollycoddle soldiers. The Army is a respected organization that must have its soldiers obey orders. Armies cannot afford to appear to baby their members. Kowtowing to the poor, hurt feelings of a small group of soldiers is unacceptable to those of us who served our country in war time.
Surely the acting General (Kenny Montoya) of the National Guard Unit knows this. Especially since he is a career military man. He must know, also, that in time of war, orders are given that seem to have relationship to the war. It is up to the field commander to decide what is needed, not to some wanna-be to make decisions that could affect the conduct and outcome of any war.
I have a "what if" that has not been addressed in all this nonsense: What if , madames and sirs, there were, indeed gang members in that detachment? And the military, did, indeed, teach them more efficient and better ways to kill enemies? And they brought these skills home for their gangs to use?
No matter how well the beat cops are trained, they do not receive military training. Superior tactics, proper handling and use of high powered and extremely effective weaponry, tactics, methodology, discipline, and maneuvers, against a normally effective police department, would be effective and lead to gangs running our cities and towns. And the slaughter of some mighty fine police officers.
Please, gentlemen and ladies, think this through before you commit knee jerk reactions.

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