Thursday, July 19, 2007


Good Morning (or whatever it is where you are). I could use your advice. Looking over my blogging efforts I note one glaring thing. My posts are scattered all over the place. (Looks like the dog's breakfast. A little here, a little there. And there. And there.)
I'd like to get some input. So pay attention. Or you may not get to win the grand prize. Yep, a grand prize. Going through our storage room I found a box of rubber bands and a sheet of paste on rectangles. That's second prize. First prize is a weekend in Espanola, N.M., no expenses paid. (It'll feel like you've had a month away from all the modern conveniences.) Winners must come to Albuquerque to collect their winnings.
OK, the burning question (huh?-Ed.): I've been thinking about starting a new blog and letting that one concentrate on our Governator, Bill Richardson, while keeping this one open for other burning issues (OMG-Ed.). What's your opinion?
Oh, and there's a surprise in the header. I've downloaded it and it works great for me.


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Well, thing is, I hate it when you write real earnest political posts, 'cos being the simple soul I am, I much prefer not to think that deeply. It is harder for me to grasp everything because I'm not fully acquainted with the mechanisms of your political system, either. But in all honesty, so long as you pepper your blog with the odd bit of light (or dark) humour, I think I reluctantly enjoy rising to the challenge.

If you annexed your political rage to a separate blog, I wouldn't work too hard to find it. I think I might be the loser for that.

Nah. Keep it as is. It's good to force people like me to grapple with stuff we'd normally prefer not to.

Catmoves said...

Thank you Carol. I'd hate to think I was forcing anyone to learn anything. But I love your witty comments.

Lin said...

I'm not saying anything constructive in fear of winning first prize.

alphonsedamoose said...

Cat: Keep your blog as is. It is one of the few places where I can talk politics without breaking my word to my daughter.
Besides, I like your wit and wisdom, especially the wisdom part.

Catmoves said...

lin you are one smart lady.

Catmoves said...

moose, you're making me blush. And I won't change it so your daughter will never know.