Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sometimes balancing acts are easy -- sometimes they're not.

Our fearless governator (yeah, small g), Bill Richardson, looked horrible on the Democratic "Debate" last night. Worn out, a bit confused, fat and flabby, unkempt. (A bit like me when I wake up from a nap.)

I think perhaps he was intimidated by Tim Russert, the host. Last time he and Russert met, Tim embarrassed him without mercy. Mr. Russert seems to think he's a buffoon and of no importance. I'm frantically looking for a rebuff to use on Russert, but I'm running in circles.

Anyway, our Bill puffed himself up (No need to. He looks like he's put on thirty pounds), and told how he had done all this good stuff for New Mexico. Like improve our schools (Albuquerque alone needs at least six new schools), raised the income level for all New Mexicans (Yeah, on average. But more than 40% of Albuquerqueans earn less than the poverty level), solved the health care problem (Simple, easy solution: If you don't have money, don't see a doctor.) and how he was experienced in international negotiations (he's about one step above Rudy Guiliani in success there.)

Anyway, today's paper had a full page insert in it from an outfit called Rio Grande (our river) Food Project. They title it: "New Mexicans Faces of Hunger" and of course there's a picture of a very cute, about to cry little child. The ad goes on to say that 37% are children, 63% are female and 37% are male. I guess they mean hungry people here.

The ad states the average Monthly income is $673.

45% have no telephone nor car.

45% have to choose between food or rent.

27% have to choose between food and medication or medical care.

It concludes with the statement "Hunger is a problem in New Mexico. Help us solve it."

Hey, Bill, sir. Did you see this free ad?

Bill also talked about what he'd do to bring the Iraqi troops home. He said he'd pull all our troops out immediately. Well, all except for some special forces troops in Afghanistan. You know. That country where the Taliban is the boss? Where Al Qaeda is headquartered? Where Osama probably is hiding?

Keep at it Bill.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...




Thank cu fer vizitin my blog.


We had a cat hoo yewst to SIT on top ov the door like dat! She livd till she waz 19!




Lin said...

Hey, Cat, you just nailed us with part of that post. I am so glad that we aren't forced to buy health insurance (a la Massachusetts) or those miserable 99 cent a pound sale hot dogs would go out the budget window fast. Forcing folks to buy health insurance seems like strange cure for the non-insured - unless you happen to sit on the boards of insurance providers as they currently exist. Right now, I am so glad that Bill hasn't put a lot of work into either hunger or health issues - I don't think we can afford the kindly attention.

Catmoves said...

Oh, b.t.bear, I'm sorry you have a cold.
Cats are poems of balance and grace. I have a cat who sometimes, somehow, climbs to second floor roof of our complex and walks along the top of the roofing. Without a care in the world. Yes, I'm jealous. (Also smart enough NOT to try that myself.)

Catmoves said...

lin, I hear that. Such a law in New Mexico would create another class of illegal activities. At $8 an hour, how can people afford to pay for health insurance?
I guess Massachusetts only has wealthy people there.
Our governator, Bill, has shown his true colors. He's a carpetbagger through and through.
That's not name calling. It's a definitive reading of his actions.