Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Our Governator, Bill Richardson went to Iowa to talk up his campaign. And he stuck his foot in it.
"Iowa, for good reason, for constitutional reasons, for reasons related to the Lord should be the first caucus and primary,” Bill Richardson, New Mexico’s governor, said at the Northwest Iowa Labor Council Picnic. “And I want you to know who was the first candidate to sign a pledge not to campaign anywhere if they got ahead of Iowa." It was Bill Richardson.
Geeze, Bill, now you talk to God? Or maybe He talks to you? Not even Dubya goes this far.
Did you forget you come from a state where the largest religion practiced is Catholicism? And the runner up is Baptist?
When pressed further about that statement, he said Iowa should launch the primary calendar because “it’s a tradition in American politics that has worked.” “Iowa scrutinizes candidates through a grass-roots state. They are very good at winnowing down candidates", he said. “They don’t listen to national polls. Iowa voters are very independent and issue-oriented.”
I have no idea how Iowa scrutinizes candidates through a grass roots state. Maybe they have this huge magnifying glass and.... No, not likely. Maybe Bill got confused with his languages. Hmmmmm.
Our Bill also remarked: "I think it's important to stay positive in this campaign," he told about 100 people gathered at a co-op winery. "... Let's get into the issues important to the American people."
Oh, Bill, you could only get about a 100 people at a wine tasting? You should have stayed here in Albuquerque. We had about 3,000 show up at a local wine tasting.
As for the issues important to the American people, I'm waiting to hear how you would withdraw our troops from Iraq? And Afghanistan? And what you will do about the illegal aliens destroying our middle class? And how untrue are the figures Washington is releasing about our economy? And what you will do about China's attempts to wipe us out with lead paints and poisoned food? (That was sarcasm.)
Bill talks (usually) in high flown, grandiose phrasings, but real, concrete accomplishments are few and far between. His administrations have been rife with governmental theft, incompetence and general lack of understanding of just what the problems are in New Mexico. As for the quoted "International Policies", I, as are many others, am for Mom, Apple Pie and the American Flag, too. Actions, not flowery phrases, need to be the measure we use to elect anyone to the highest position in the United States.
A final note to this post:
Governor to battle with feds over marijuana law A battle is brewing in Santa Fe over medical marijuana. An angry Governor Richardson wants the feds to leave sick New Mexicans alone and let them grow their pot. But a Santa Fe County Commissioner is speaking out, saying he's going to fight to get rid of the medical marijuana law. The current law shields patients from state prosecution, but not from the feds. "I'm very concerned that the Bush administration instead of going after drug dealers, is going after people suffering from cancer, a paraplegic, most recently," said Governor Richardson. Agents raided 44-year-old Leonard French's home near Loving on Tuesday, even though he has state permission to grow and smoke medical marijuana. The D.E.A. says it did not know French had a medical marijuana license until after the raid. "The Bush administration seems to be, because they're unable to go after drug dealers, they seem to be picking on people suffering from cancer. That's inexplicable to me. And I'm gonna fight them," said Governor Richardson. Right now patients have to get the marijuana on their own, because the State Health Department won't grow or distribute the pot, fearing federal prosecution. Santa Fe County Commissioner Harry Montoya calls himself a strong Bill Richardson supporter, but he'll fight him every step of the way to get the law off the books. "Morally, physically, socially this is not good policy. It's still something that is addictive. And for our youth to start getting the message that this is something that is okay, is really not a healthy message," said Montoya. Montoya says patients can use the pill-form of the marijuana. Governor Richardson says he'll use every legal trick in the book to fight the feds on the issue. This is kind of unbelievable. If our Governator wants the law changed, he ought to know the porcess by now. Let me help you, gov.: Talk to your legislators, have real Constitutional lawyers write the correct law and get them to pass it.
And then we can have Marujuana patches in all our home gardens.


alphonsedamoose said...

Your governor sounds like our NDP candidates up here. Lots of talk and no brains.

Andy said...

Yeah, his Constitutional argument would be hard enough to make, but to say God wants Iowa to vote first? C'mon, Bill.

Chaos General Staff said...

Uncle Bill has jumped all over the page the last few weeks and there's a LONG way to go. Nice summation of his recent batch of herbal fresh chaos.


Catmoves said...

Hi moose. Or lots of talk, no real action?

Catmoves said...

Thanks for the comment Andy.
I had to read that sentence about God at least four times before I grasped what he had said. Denial was my primary reaction. No sensible politician would ever say anything like.
Maybe that's the answer?

Catmoves said...

Hello chaos people. Thank you for the compliment. I recommend your site to all my readers.