Monday, December 17, 2007


Here's some unwanted news. Seems State Farm says we're only Number 2 in this category:
N.M. ranked high on list of holiday robberies According to a new State Farm study, New Mexico is the second worst state in the nation when it comes to the number of home burglaries during the holidays. Jeff Feid of State Farm said thieves are looking for specific items during the holidays. "They're gonna look for items that are easy to grab and take in their arms, not attached to the house, so electronics, jewelry, furs, things that are not attached to the house, they're gonna take 'em and dash real fast," he said. Officials with State Farm recommend that residents install security systems in their homes. They said that motion activated lights are also a good way to detour criminals. But officials said having good locks with deadbolts are the key to keeping thieves from gaining entry. The study names Nevada as the state with the most holiday burglaries and North Dakota with the fewest.
I'm not sure if that's better or worse than being 48th in average income. Oh, well, whatever.
A recent activity of sneak thieves here resulted in a multi amputee from Iraq having his electric wheel chair stolen. I kid you not. A collection was taken up by us locals and he was supplied with vlivk thea new unit.
I don't remember, when I was a kid, of anything this heinous and disgusting happening. I think my Dad and some of his buddies might have gone out hunting for anyone who would do such a heinous thing. I know for sure the cops would have made a super effort to find the ***'* ** *******(supply your own adjectives).
But this kind of thing is not just reserved to Albuquerque. There's a link under the header about the recent fires in San Diego County and part way down it reports on some slime bag thievery during the disaster.
It seems to me that American morality (and perhaps that of other countries, as well,) has sunk to a low point never dreamed of by our Founding Fathers.


alphonsedamoose said...

I agree with you Cat. The morals of OUR countries seems to be heading downhill at lightning speed.
Maybe it seems this way because it is what the news reports. How many GOOD stories do they report on. I think there still might be hope when I see shows like "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" There are still some good people out there.

Lin said...

Cast, I'm thinking that we all need to sign up and go live with the Mennonites (see my latest post). I'm not kidding, they have been a treat to deal with (no piety grandstanding, no hypocrisy). Or, we just need to import more of them into NM.

Catmoves said...

Moose, there are good people out there. But they rarely make the news. Shock value and crime, rate higher on the media's scales. Mebbe I need to stop watching TV "news"?

Catmoves said...

Lin, I found out how to put "comments" on top of the page and now I'm cast? Oh the ignominy of it all.
I saw that site, visited it and felt like I was in a friendly, warm place. I agree with you. Let's get some more of those kind people here

Babzy said...

Could be worse. You could be "Cast-off".

My theory is the reason there is so much crime, heinous and disgusting happenings, rage, violence, no rules, no boundaries, etc. is because of over-population. What happens to a group of animals who are crowded into a confined area, fighting for food, mates, space, peace and quiet? They go crazy and turn on each other. We're animals, too. Over-population has caused everything from crime to global warming.

YesBut said...

The Founding Fathers didn't have: DVD players, TV, computers, jewellery etc. LOL :)

Rachelle said...

We have no TV. Therefore I can remain semi oblivious to the ugly reality that is happening beyond our homefront. Except that I listen to talk radio every day, and read the internet.... oh, and get news alerts...

Hmmmm........ maybe I need to take my family and go live in a cave somwhere?
Seems to be working for Obama.

Merry Christmas my friend!

Catmoves said...

Babzy, you might consider a blog entry on this subject.
We like to think of ourselves as being "above" the other animals, but we are classed in the Animal Family by Zoologists.
One of my questions to you is: We have the advantage of cohesive, complicated speech and thought processes that can plan for events before they occur. Shouldn't we then be able to solve these problems?

Catmoves said...

Yesbut, you are right, of course. But they had the wisdom to know that thinking and products and tools change and improve over time.(G. Washington was an inventor, you know.)

Catmoves said...

LOL Rachelle. TV news is a pale ghost of what you can read in newspapers and on the web.
On the other hand, living in a cave is ok...if you don't mind the creepies and crawlies.
Slainte, friend.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Towanda said...

cat ~
I LOVE the picture of the kitten. Really cute! Thanks for your interesting posts as well!

TomCat said...

Oregon ranks near the bottom of that list. I find it interesting that the incidence of property crime increases and decreases with the state of the economy.

Catmoves said...

Towanda, you're welcome to copy that picture and use it. I cab't recall who sent it to me, but its free, I was told.

Catmoves said...

Tomcat, I'm glad to hear that. We're getting reports of "house enterings" by thieves and bruisers who feel "what's mine is theirs."
Wild Thing isn't putting the presents under the tree this year, because our tree sits in front of the patio doors and can be seen by anyone. So much for sharing this year. (Normally I do not keep loaded weapons in the house. This year my shotgun is loaded.) How sad.