Saturday, January 5, 2008


Looks like a group photo of the Iowa electors who chose to vote for our governator, Bill Richardson, in the primary.
But there's more to this story:
I visited my doctor Friday morning (for some needed assistance) and he, smiling from ear to ear, told us about his son's experience with Richardson Party Politics.
Seems the young fellow, a state employee, took some time off and went up to Iowa to help Bill get votes.
Before he left, he contacted the people in Richardson's campaign and was told he would be reimbursed for travel expenses both ways, and would get bed and board paid for while he was there working for his "hero".
Apparently, someone "forgot" to pay him (and his mates who went with him), so he wound up calling Dad and asking for some money to buy food and get home. Dad laughed and laughed, suggested he find his way back home by bus, promised to feed him when he got back.
I looked at Doc skeptically, and he admitted sending bus fare to the lad. But that was all, he grinned at me. "He's learning about honesty and politicians" was the explanation.
To make the story complete, our local newspaper ran an article on Saturday, stating that the governator had closed the Iowa office and asked his "volunteers" to follow him to New Hampshire.
Now, the "volunteers" were as successful as they could be with what they had to work with in Iowa. We know that Obama won the contest with Hillary a distant third.
Bill? Oh, he got fourth place. With almost 2% of the total vote.
Now, it seems to me that any reasonably intelligent person, who could only get such a piddling number, would understand that he was not liked and would not be able to get the votes needed in any of the Eastern states. He should be able to figure out that those voters were neither impressed nor believed his fairy tales.
I gained a lot of respect for Iowa voters after this fiasco (on Bill's part). They weren't fooled by his rhetoric, they didn't buy his "qualifications", they didn't believe in his pie in the sky.
I suspect that the almost 2% were those who devoutly wanted the idiocy of Iraq ended as soon as possible, regardless of any consequences down the line. (No, I don't believe in G. Bush's war. But that's another posting.)
In a way, it has now become a painful embarrassment for us New Mexicans. And Bill won't realize that his "team" made the biggest effort, spent the most money they ever have and still couldn't sell him to the people. His statement "On To New Hampshire" is not a rallying cry. Considering the Iowa results it sounds more like a painful wail, a "I coulda been a contender" kind of stance.
Somehow, I think the New Hampshire voters will see through his act, will note that he has been gone from New Mexico for almost a full year while the state has more than enough problems that are not being taken seriously by him. After all, if he can't care for a state of 2 million, how could we entrust 300 million souls to him? He is, once and for all, a carpetbagger in the worst sense of the term.
One more word of advice Bill: the American people are really, really worried about the economy and your record of spend, spend, spend, even if we don't have it, won't stand you in good stead.


Lin said...

Great story from your doctor, Cat!

Hope you're feeling better now(?)

Catmoves said...

Thank you, Lin.
Now I've got to get the Doc to stop treating me like a person who must fit in a particular slot. (He admitted he has to do what his boss says. He did not sound overjoyed about this, either.)
I'm working on a post about this that I intend to send to all my Reps in the F-Gov.
I seem to have a lot saved posts that need more work. One day I will get organized. I hope.

Buck Pennington said...

Bill was certainly an embarrassment to ALL New Mexicans with his "performance" last evening. His line about "hostage negotiations being more civil" was pretty good, tho. Gotta give him credit for that, even if it does fall into the "stopped clock is accurate twice a day" category.

TomCat said...

Hiya Cat. You can rest easy. He won't win. ;-)

YesBut said...

We Brits are completely baffled by the procedure to elect a US President.
Here the Prime Minister asks the Queen to call an election, 3 ~ 4 weeks (yes weeks not months) later one is held.
The US process seems to last years and years and years.

Buck Pennington said...

One day I will get organized. I hope.

Lemmee know exactly HOW you accomplish this feat, will ya, Cat? "Getting organized" has been on MY list for...oh... about 35 years. Or so. Prior to that it didn't matter. There was little-to-nothing to organize.

alphonsedamoose said...

Up here, we are happy that Obama won. At least I am.
If the Volunteers didn't get paid, why would any of them follow him to N.H.?

Anonymous said...

Hello Fluffy Man.

Seeing as how I don't live south of the 49th this may be a dumb question but I am blonde, mostly, slightly, nearly, okay it's from a bottle but don't tell.

Are any of the presidential candidates in favour of continuing with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Lin said...

Cat, sounds like you have your work cut out for you in changing the medical situation. It's enough to make you sick if you weren't already. Good luck on both fronts!

Catmoves said...

Buck, our governator has been an embarrassment to me ever since he published his stand on issues. But you're right about that "hostage" line. I guess all the writers didn't go out on strike.
If I have any luck getting organized I will be sure to notify you immendiately.
Is it possible to procrastinate on procrastination?

Catmoves said...

Tomcat I believe that, too. And this morning I am waiting for his formal withdrawal from the race.

Catmoves said...

Yesbut, I can remember how the Aussies did their elections. Even way back then I thought it was better than the millions spent on advertising and buying votes.
All of the candidates here feel that they have all the answers for all the people. So far, no one has been able to disabuse them of this belief.
That part of young America that says "I don't do elections" are probably bored by the same iteration that goes on forever.

Catmoves said...

Moose, most of these "volunteers" are state of N.M. employees looking for advancement or money. If they spend some of their, they shrug it off.

Catmoves said...

Babzy, my little fluff gal, the candidates change their stances regularly depending on who they are talking to. But there are both Republican and Democrats who have made noises about getting the troops out Iraq. Some want to do it quickly, some want it slowly.
Oh, geeze. Look what I typed.
I guess it might depend on whether one is a man or a woman.
Am I making it worse?

Catmoves said...

Thank you, Lin.