Friday, February 29, 2008


Working piecemeal and in such a dangerous position should get warnings from OSHA. But they may be too busy filling out the mountains of paperwork (whatever happened to The Computer, which was going to eliminate paperwork?
I think this picture represents the jerry rigged attempts at government that Americans have had to put up with for the past 20 some years.
It seems a sad fact of higher education in our America, that far too many uni's and colleges are living in the dream world of Ivory Towers, where they and theirs are safe and protected from the harsh and ugly realities of the world and its ways. Promulgating these precepts, what can we expect other than confusion and candidates like Obama and Clinton?
There is NO Messiah going to run for President this time around. (I think the last one with common sense might have been Jack Kennedy, but that's open to argument.)
Dwight David Eisenhower warned us about watching out for the Military/Industrial complex and their machinations. Franklin D. Roosevelt told business to go to hell and do things his way. Harry Truman echoed his former boss. George Washington didn't want a Federal Banking system.
What have we got running today? A lady who breaks into tears when the going gets tough.
A guy who wants to be all things to all people.
Another guy who seems to indicate he wants to go along with the things the way they are now.
How about somebody who says "to hell with the status quo. Let's try some things that are really, truly designered to help our own citizens. Let's not keep the entangling alliances that incompetents have developed over the past years. Let's not accept a role as the World's Police Force. Let's tell countries that we will spend Trillions for defense, but not one red cent for any tribute. Let's tell the world that America is going its own way and business will be subservient to the American populace or it will be closed. By force, if necessary. The age of screw the customer is over. Line up, get into the mood of becoming helpful to your own people or move to a foreign country where you can try to sell to us."
I've just negated the top two Dems and the single top Republican. There's no real promise in any of them.
Maybe what's needed is a real, functioning cap on how much each candidate may spend in each state in their effort to get elected. It could be based on the population of the state. Maybe a buck per person of voting age. It should include all forms of ads. Newspaper, TV, radio, Web sites, etc., etc.
I hope you don't think either of the two main political parties would allow this to happen. If they did pass a bill such as this, I'd be willing to be bet they'd "forget" to put a penalty on violations.
I think I might nominate Lin (of The Creek site) for lady Pres. She's a lot wiser and one hell of a huge bunch more humorous than the ex pres's sobby female. I think I'd like Babzy to be her running mate, too. With those two in charge we'd be howling with laughter more than crying in our beers (as we do now).
Catmoves wants to be dictat, er, President, too. "Hang 'em high" is my slogan. At least it ought to scare the bejesas out of them.
Who's your nominee?
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Anonymous said...

I see I'm the only one to make a nomination for President. Lin, would be a terrific Pres. You don't want me running anything. Honestly.

I could be in charge of the beer. I used to work at the Legion you know. Had to tap kegs and order the beer, pick up liquor and take inventory *urp*.

Catmoves said...

Babzy, I thought I might have stirred something up, but it turned out not to be much.
BTW, Keeper of The Beer is a very important position in the government and I believe it falls into the job description of the VP. You, know, like being able to shoot your friends in the face and not be charged with anything.