Sunday, March 9, 2008


There's a link in the header that will take you to a well done and fast loading movie from the Detroit Free Press. I was impressed by the fact that there was no waiting time while it loaded. Why can't they all do this?

It's about the Michigan governor apparently violating the law. Ho hum.


The cartoon is not off target at all. I've heard people (public figures) who vociferously demand that we make over our society into Corporate powers and subjugate the "little guy" into a minor role in the "bigger scheme" of things.

A lady named Naomi Klein has written a book titled The Shock Doctrine which explores this further. Here's a quote, about the fall of Communism in the USSR:

"And it was in that moment of flux and disorientation that several very savvy people, many of them in this country, seized on that moment to declare victory not only against communism, but against all ideas but their own. Now, this was the Fukuyama ( Francis Fukuyama is deputy director of the State Department's policy planning staff - ed.) chutzpah, when he actually said—and it seems so strange to read it now—in his famous 1989 speech, that the significance of that moment was not that we were reaching an end of ideology, as some were suggesting, or a convergence between capitalism and socialism, as Gorbachev was suggesting, it was not that ideology had ended, but that history as such had ended. He argued that deregulated markets in the economic sphere combined with liberal democracy in the political sphere represented the endpoint of mankind’s ideological evolution and the final form of human government."


This depression we are entering has been created by power seekers and power users. These powers are no longer interested in "the people"(no matter their protests to the contrary).

They don't care whether the average man can afford medical care (too many people, anyway), they don't care if you can own your house (apartments are more efficient for big populations), they don't care if you have to pay $4 or $5 for a gallon of gasoline (corporate profit is good), they don't care if burning gasoline is poisonous (it's profitable), they don't care if the food you buy is toxic (imports will help kill some overstock people off), they don't care if the toys you buy your children will destroy them (helps prevent too many others from being born in the future), they don't care if religions are used to make war (big enough explosions help keep population down and create opportunities to build bigger buildings).

It goes on and on and we are expected, nay, ordered, to live with it. Procorporate is the new standard of our society and we must learn to embrace it. It is already taught in schools. History, Math, English, Social Studies, Logic no longer require study nor getting acceptable grades to pass the course.

Sometimes, I wonder why we don't just create a new country somewhere where moral and ethical values will be the rule of the land.

OK, I'll likely delete this post when I'm out of this funky mood. Who wants to hear from a geezer who is disgusted with the lack of courage and goodness and morality? Hell, I don't think I want to.


just me said...

It is a depressing reflection on the lay of the land, but all to accurate.

alphonsedamoose said...

Can I come to your new country? Please. I agree that the corporations and politicians run the world for themselves and to hell with everybody else. 1984 is getting her, just a little late.

alphonsedamoose said...

BTW: Great video. What did the governor do?

Catmoves said...

Just Me I was in kind of a black mood when I penned this. Didn't mean to be depressing. Sorry.

Catmoves said...

Moose, you can come as long as you bring Mrs. Moose and Owen. This requirement is non-negotiable. the kids need a chance at a kind and thoughtful world with nice adults to help them.
As for their Governor, she's in hot water where ethics are concerned. Here's one publication's viewpoint:

alphonsedamoose said...

I'd like to bring Owen but I don't think his parents would let me. Besides , we would all be exhausted by him in 2 hours. He would run us ragged.

Babzy said...

Hello Geezer. (your word - not mine).

Fluffer, I've been in seclusion but Moose's "Underwear Cop Video" brought me out.

How is Wild Thing doing?

Catmoves said...

Moose, I ungrudingly agree his parents can come too. (After all, part of being a great grandparent is being able to say, son, take care of your child.)

Catmoves said...

Glad you're back Babzy.
Wild Thing is recovering nicely and attending Cardiac Rehab classes at the hospital.
And she still says, "I want a smoke." But she doesn't get one. I gave away all our cartons and loose packs when she came home the first time. Hehehehe. (I want one too, dang it.)

Lin said...

We often lament at the Rat of the lack of new lands to reinvent society with fresh idealism. Not like it lasted long the last couple of times humanity tried it though. You ain't the only one suffering from jade, Cat.

Babzy said...

Quitting smoking is tough. When bad things happen (like WT's trip to the hospital) I try to find the lesson or the warning in it. It helps me to make sense out of something that, at first, seems senseless and tends to frighten me.

The lesson to both of you is to quit smoking and other healthy changes. That's a good thing. I'm rooting for you two.

Catmoves said...

Thank you Lin. I don't want a prefect society (I'd be a real misfit, then) but it sure would be nice to have some of the people who think about their actions in positions of power.
Hoist one in the Rat for me.

Catmoves said...

You're right Babzy, about trying to live a clean life, but whatever would do for fun and enjoyment?
Smoking is not the only culprit for heart attacks and emphysema. But the American people do NOT want to hear that their love affair with cars is the main cause of both of those problems. And our governments do a marvelous job of hiding those facts from us.
As for our progress, it's only habit and a sense of "what did I do with my hands when I was on the 'puter?" kind of thing.