Sunday, July 6, 2008


Here is an artist's conception of what the Beagle looked like off the Galapagos Islands. (I absolutely love the tall ships.)
Like the pictures painted, not from memory, but from other's conceptions of what once was. And the influence(s) of their lives and those lives who had gone before them.
Which is why I do not accept any "pictures" of the great religious leaders (or any others) whose conceptualization came after they had died and were long gone from being seen.
And why I have trouble accepting "pictures" of various animals and homo erectus (or whatever) as looking like "so" and "so". There isn't any way we can ever really know (until we get time travel -- another pet peeve of mine) and we can say "Oh, her hair was black, his was red". "Their skin color was light brown, the others was more pink and those others were green." So please don't tell me the dinosaur was brownish with a red coxcomb over its nose. My theory doesn't accept your version.

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