Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Before I forget, there's a link under the header.

Happy Canada Day!


Buck said...

Happy Canada Day to those in The Great White Up!

I'm thankful for those Canadian gifts that keep on giving: hockey (my passion!), Molson's, and Labatt's! But you'll not find a friendlier group of folks (on the whole), nor a more beautiful country... especially on either (or both) coasts.

Catmoves said...

I can't argue that point Buck. At least as far as the west coast and central Canada are concerned. And the Canucks I know are the friendliest people on this continent.

alphonsedamoose said...

Thanks for the good wishes on our birthday Cat. You too Buck. All the best for yours.We used to be the best of neighbours and hopefully it will continue to get better in the future,

Catmoves said...

Moose, I still consider y'all as great neighbors. So-so shop keepers, but good drinkin' type buddies.