Friday, April 10, 2009


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So, it seems that an American ship's captain, Richard Phillips has offered himself as hostage to some slime bag pirates who were holding some of his crew men. Here's one report:
NAIROBI, Kenya (April 10) - The American captain held hostage by four Somali pirates made a desperate escape attempt Friday but was recaptured, and officials said other pirates sought to reinforce their colleagues by sailing hijacked ships with other captives aboard to the scene of the standoff. The U.S. also was bolstering its force by dispatching other warships to the site off the Horn of Africa, where a U.S. destroyer shadowed the drifting lifeboat carrying the hostage, Captain Richard Phillips.
I don't know if the destroyer shown here is the one actually on the scene. But I do know what my reaction would be. Wonder if The One has the guts?
The pirates would be informed that their only hope of not dying is to release the captain immediately. No negotiating to be entered into until this happens. Should the pirates refuse this offer, Navy seals would be dispatched to the long boat. At night. The captain would be released by them and taken to the destroyer's safety. The destroyer would sail off perhaps half a mile and sink the long boat with one shot in the morning. If there were any survivors the American naval ships in the area would encircle them, warning any other boats not to approach. The American ships would circle any survivors watching while the slime drowned.
Then it would be the other pirates turn for the same punishment. Mercy might be shown in a military court trial, but whatever the decision, they would suffer the fate of attacking marauders.
These pirates have declared war against the U.S. and that should be the worst mistake they can ever make.


Buck said...

The header link doesn't work, Cat. (1230 pm Easter Sunday)

I read this morning the Good Captain has been rescued and three of four pirates were killed in the process. Why the fourth wasn't summarily shot is beyond me...

Happy Easter!

Catmoves said...

Sorry Buck. You'd think it would still work if I left off a letter or two. But, anyway, it does now.

Yeah, they hit three, but what about the fourth? And I still think my way would have scared more of these pirates out of the business.

Buck said...

Ah... I know where ya got that vid, Cat. It came to me, too! ;-)But what does a debt-free city have to do with pirates?

Catmoves said...

Um, er, Buck, it was just something I thought was absolutely great. The hidden stuff doesn't alays have to be part of the article. OTH, if that lady was in charge of stopping the piracy, we might get real action.