Thursday, June 18, 2009


I thought you might like to be reminded of a few months ago. So there you are, shovel and all.
Don't forget, click the header.
I get email. I mean lots of email. Lots and lots and lots. Some of it I have even asked to receive.
Among the requested missives are a number of highly desired communications.
(I also have an variety of names I have signed up with and an infinite number of passwords that vary from 9 to 14 keyboard clicks. (Thank heavens for Roboform.)
I get upset when I have to scroll through a drop down menu to identify which state I live in. (A simple box for me to type it into would suffice. New Mexico is way down on the list.)
I rarely use my real phone number (the Do Not Call list only works once in a while, and no, I have not insured my car against uninsured breakdowns).
The space where it asks for my phone number? Well, 505-555-1212 works in those little boxes.
Yes, I'm a bit irritable where some obscure company wants me to tell them anything about what I am or do. (I've also been a Doctor, President of a famous computer magazine, head of the English Department at an Ivy League College, an automobile mechanic with more than 86 mechanics working under me, a kid in his second year of college and on and on. I have a lot of personal fun on the internet. But none of my poses hurt anyone.
Back to what started all this: I get a regular email from a newsy sort of company and the messages are difficult to read for a couple of reasons. Some have strange or out of place characters in them and/or broken lines where there should not be broken lines. I'll try to show it here, but with the vagaries of Blogger, you never know what you'll get.
[0]sherl0k writes "[1]Opera 10.0, dubbed Opera Unite, has been
released. Built into the Web browser is a full-fledged Web
server, complete with nifty little gadgets such
as a 'fridge' that people can post notes onto, a chat room, a widget to stream your music library anywhere, and a
file-sharing mechanism.
It also scores 100/100 on the
Readers [3]fud
reporter and TLS point to [4]The Register's report
on the new release and a [5] 5-minute video demo, respectively. Update:
06/16 15:18 GMT by [6]T: Roar Lauritzse
of Opera Software writes to
point out that "release" isn't quite the right word here; though you can
download it, version 10.0 is still in beta, and the version with Unite is
a labs
(experimental) release.
Now, this only happens with their email, not the web site. Weird, huh?
You might be interested in this news flash that was put out by the once famous AP wire service...and then reprinted in newspapers and web home pages on the internet:
Obama Kills Fly During Interview
comments: 2439filed under: National News, Political NewsPrintShareText
Talk about flying at your own risk.
President Barack Obama, nettled by a fly during a TV interview at the White House, took matters into his own hands Tuesday.
Skip over this content(sic?) Said Obama to the persistent fly: "Get out of here."
But it didn't.
So Obama waited for the fly to settle, put his hand up and then smacked the fly dead in one try.
Without missing a beat, the president said to CNBC correspondent John Harwood: "Now, where were we."(sic)
Well, maybe one more second to gloat.
Said Obama: "That was pretty impressive, wasn't it? I got the sucker."
The camera crew was still rolling in the East Room. Obama didn't mind. He pointed to the vanquished insect on the ground and said, "You want to film that?"
CNBC did.
That fly is history.
I am so glad to bring that information to you, fellow Americans. Talk about BO saving the nation from that fly's offspring should warm the cockles of your hearts.
Hurrah, Mr. President.
Is there any chance of your either starting or keeping us out World War III? I know that's a petty question after the astounding news of your triumph over musca domestica.
But we'd kinda like to know.


Buck said...

re: the header. That danged cat again? Didn't you do that in your post immediately below this one? The owner of said cat has waaaay too much time on her hands.

About Obama and the fly: I saw Stephen Colbert's bit on that last evening on Fox News (I don't "do" Colbert as I think he's seriously unfunny)... and he pulled a good one out: "Somewhere tonight a fly family is grieving over the callous murder of their father at the hands of..." Or something to that effect.

Catmoves said...

Sorry Buck. I guess I forgot to mark that one as "used". But never-you-mind. There's something new in the header now.
Geeze, imagine him calling our Prez a murderer. But I swear I thought I could little flylets sobbing last night.