Sunday, January 4, 2009


Clicking on the header takes you to a place you might not rather be...but there is still beauty there.
<----- You don't suppose someone reacted to Bill Richardson's withdrawal from President Obama's gift of a cabinet post for raising a lot of money for the Pres? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Myass he didn't. For those who had to learn about (or voluntarily studied) the Civil War and got as far as the "carpetbaggers" of that era, the actions of those less than desirable unjailed felons must remind you of Billy's actions. His "withdrawal" was to show President Obama how loyal he was to the "squeaky clean" image Obama wants. And may deserve. Time will tell about that.
By the way, Yass is here It's in southern New South Wales, Australia.
Now, today's local paper (The Albuquerque Journal), has the front page taken up with a photo of Billy Boy and President elect Obama. For what it is worth, I would struggle and fight and swear should anyone want my photo taken with Richardson.
Here's the Journal's updated protectionist articles:
I can't help but wonder why no one on the Obama staff can type "Carpetbagger" into a search engine and find out what Bill Richardson is about.
New Mexico, Citizens of America, hear this: William Richardson does not deserve your trust. He does not care about New Mexico nor about you and yours.
Mouthing sympathetic words, but accomplishing nothing positive, is no way to treat an American.
Putting your state into a lose/lose situation financially is no way to treat an American.
Spending far more money than your state can raise is no way to treat an American.
Not caring about the poor showing education has in your state (high school graduates number about 49% here) is no way to treat an American.
Not caring about whether the citizens can get medical care when they need it (23% drop out of medical care here) is not American.
Bill Richardson, as I see him, is not a caring politician.


Shrinky said...

Sheesh, just your luck to find a hapless Brit be the first one to stop by. I've no idea who this Bill bloke is, but I sure hope he didn't pick up any Christmas bonus?
Happy New year to the Wild Thing and you hon, hope it's a good one!

Buck said...

We're of the same mind where Billy is concerned.

The ice storm photos are beautiful indeed. The reality of living in the aftermath of a serious ice storm ain't pretty at ALL, tho. I have a couple of those tee shirts.

Catmoves said...

Thank you, Shrinky. Bill R. is the governor of our state (New Mexico) and in spite of the heavy racial vote for him, he is just one more less than honest politician in our country. You can click on his name in the labels and find other things (harumph, in my opinion) about him. Be sure to have your frowning looks available, though. I appreciate your first in line status, therefore any time you want to visit us, just let us know.

Catmoves said...

Buck, having survived a number of ice storms, I find looking at pictures of them from the comfort of my warm living room to be the best way to view Mom Nature.

Towanda said...

Been through many ice storms in New York and Kansas. In Kansas we had big trees, so ice storms brought down limbs and knocked out our power every time. Two different times we were without power for close to two weeks. *UGH* Towards the end of that time frame you stop acting human and only want to see the utility crews arrive.

Bill....oh boy what a mess. I am watching the whole drama play out with a few chuckles and some snorts -- however, I would find it MUCH funnier if this didn't mean he was still going to be our governor. I been Diane Denish is FURIOUS!!!

Catmoves said...

Towanda, way back when (almopst prehistory era) I had the "pleasure" of these kinds of ice storms. Being little, I was enamored of them. Happily, as one ages, sense seems to engender itself in you. Thank goodness.
The Richardson/Denish dramady has to play itself out behind closed doors. The Dems would be mighty upset to hear what she had to say to him, I betcha.