Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Hooray For Bill Richardson

It seems our Governator wants to run for President. He'd like to run on his record, I believe. Let's see: He spent umpteen millions on a railroad that so far only runs for about sixty miles. (And it will cost the taxpayers well over a million per year just to maintain it.) It is not noted anywhere that it will ever pay for itself. He made a trip to North Korea while a highly placed state official was being accused of having his fingers in the till. New Mexico is one of the poorest states in America according to the Federal Government. Bill Richardson wants to build a spaceport here at an untold cost to the taxpayers of this needy state. There are more than 400,00 people living here who can't afford heath insurance, can't afford to go out to dinner, can't afford a decent home. Most of them are senior citizens. There are approximately 1,900,00 people living in this state. That puts about twenty five per cent of our population at or below the poverty level (Actually, I suspect the number is larger than that.) The initial money is coming from the "windfall" N.M. collected from the gouging oil companies, by the way. I'm curious why some of that windfall couldn't have been spent on the poor and needy seniors. He must have a heckofa political machine since the voters failed to remember that when he re-ran for Governator.

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two crows said...

given recent presidents and their records, your governator sounds imminently qualified for the job