Wednesday, January 3, 2007


The cat who owns us, PITA, by name, took this picture of herself. And, yes, female lions sometimes have manes. She explained that to me one night while we were hunting. Canned foods with high meat content are her favorite. Oh, BTW, PITA stands for "Pain In The A**".


two crows said...

do you REALLY have a lion?
or, more aptly, I imagine--does a lion actually have you?

Catmoves said...

Many years ago I raised a lion cub for almost three months. When it became 120 pounds with no sign of stopping its growth, nor reverting to a manageable size, I returned it to the owner. PITA, the cat, believes he is a lion. He's the terror of any cat (with one or three exceptions) who wanders on our apartment site. He gets licensed and shot up every year, something I would not really care to do to a full grown lion.

two crows said...

o i c --
yes-- I've lived with [wouldn't dare say 'owned'] cats who were convinced they were lions, or humans and one who was convinced he was a dog.

ah, well, I can name a president who has visions of himself as an adult, too-- all evidence to the contrary.