Monday, February 19, 2007

A COUPLE OF GOODIES This one will tell you how to upgrade (from XP) to Vista. If you really want to that. Cnet had an article in it saying (right out loud) that Microsoft could have simply issued an update for the few things Home Premium adds to XP usage. Oh, yes, they also tell you how to (legally) get Vista for free. Microsoft seems to have deliberately left this open. http:// A site with more downloads than I need. choose carefully. The famous AV free software. Grisoft also has many other freebies on it. (I wonder why that's in red?) I dig games on my 'puter. There's some fun ones here. And some toughies. The link warns you, though. Free slot machines. You can win, but you cannot lose. Lots of addicting games here. Where can get more free time? I guess free games will have to do.

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