Thursday, March 8, 2007


The trouble with political jokes is that very often they get elected. - Will Rogers If I had a lariat, I'd be swinging little loop about now. It seems that one of our state senators William Payne, ( R-Albuquerque) by name) feels that Albuquerque is making too much money from our "speeder/red light runner" cameras. The standard fine is $100. Of that, $14 goes to the company that owns the equipment, $15.65 to the hearing office, $18 processes the fines, $36 pays for expansion, education and projects like the meth team (Albuquerque was declared the world capitol in meth labs just last year). And $16.22 to other costs. That adds up to $99.87. I have absolutely no idea where the other 13 cents goes. William Payne is the state Senator who wanted this city to put up flashing yellow lights (at a cost of $500,000 each) wherever there were cameras. Apparently the amber light means nothing to him. I know I was taught that it was a warning light in driver's ed. In any case, wiser heads prevailed in the House and the bill was tabled. Hooray. There is wonderful quote from William Payne, speaking of the $74 he wants: "If it's a safety issue, I fail to see the logic." If it's a safety issue? Well, duh, William. There are published reports showing the decrease in accidents, injuries and deaths at all the intersections where the cameras are installed. And William has trouble seeing it as a safety issue? (Please see quote at beginning this of this article for further clarification.) I have question or two for both Mr. Payne and Mr. Jennings: Is it possible that you have gotten a ticket or two at these intersections? Or your friends or family? After all, Senator Payne, you didn't respond to my email a couple of weeks ago. Remember? It concerned the "flashing beacons" you wanted installed? I'm prepared to print any email or comment you care to make to this article. As long as it's kept clean. Please feel free to comment.


Galt-In-Da-Box said...

So you really think all those little cameras are for traffic control?
I wonder what people are going to do when Der Schtaat wants to put them inside their apartment buildings and such...For "national/homeland security reasons" of course?
I can see HITLERy offering everyone a big-screen digital TV on the condition you watch it and it watches you; it's "for the children" after all.

Catmoves said...

Galt, the cameras I'm talking about take pictures of the driver qand the license plate only.
Several major cities already have "security" cameras taking videos of streets and people walking about. Not Albq. At least not yet.
The TVs in "1984" had the situation of having all the citizens kep their free TVs on at all time. So Big Brother could watch.
My post concerned the falsity of such things as MADD and other groups worrying about minor causes of road deaths, while refusing to look at the real killers.
I learned years ago about speed, ignoring laws written for our safety and inattention. The real killers in my opinion.