Saturday, March 10, 2007


I think I see the hand of William Payne here. Albuquerque has more than 90,000 students. It's the 32nd largest district in the United States. In 2005, a state legislative study recommended against splitting up the Albuquerque Public Schools district. In 2007, the state senate voted for splitting up the Albuquerque Public Schools district. Go ahead, say it. WHAT? Yep, a complete turnaround. It seems to me that splitting the district up would result in the poorer sections of the city getting less in tax dollars. Elizabeth Everitt, our school superintendent, said splitting up the tax dollars would result in the West side (poorer section) getting only 19 per cent of the tax base, but 94 per cent of the building funds. In other words, we'll build the schools there, but not be able to staff them adequately nor do the required maintenance. Senator James Taylor, (D-Albq.) the bill's sponsor, said: "This is something I've championed for a while." He didn't explain why he was in favor of making education worse for our lower income citizens, just that he's championed it. Now, actually doing something about alll the dead, useless weight that been entrenched in our school system is one thing. That should be up to the locals here. But to have a pompous Senator order any city to obey some state rule that would only compound the situation, smacks of hidden reasons. I wonder if he, or any of his friends or relatives, have been caught running red lights or speeding? That sniper picture up there may be more accurate than we know.

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Toccata said...

Here, we're in the process of closing down schools left and right to save a few dollars. Now the schools left open are overcrowded and understaffed. Makes about as much sense as your splitting up the Albuquerque Public Schools district.