Friday, March 23, 2007


Ain't it wonderful? (solecisms are free-Ed) Our Governator, Bill Richardson to those who haven't been here before, was gallivanting around the country raising money to run for Pres. So the Senate and House finished up all the bills and acts he knew very little about, sent them to his desk and packed up to go home. Unfortunately, when Bill got back he discovered some of his pet cash cows hadn't been handled the way he wanted. So he called a "special session" to get the things he wanted, which, had he been here, would have been done. This action is now lumbering us with extra costs that are unneccessary. After all, Senators, Representatives and their employees don't work for free. (I've heard that for all the good they do, it should be free.) So the Senate (dominated by Republicans) came back to sit in their offices and ignore the Governator. The House, (dominated by Democrats) on the other hand, wants to do what ever their fearless leader asks of them. At loggerheads? You bet. Cost the tax payers more money? You bet. Does it have the citizenry shaking their heads in disgust? You bet.

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