Friday, March 23, 2007


A cardiac specialist died and at his funeral the coffin was placed infront of a huge mock up of a heart made up of flowers. When the pastorfinished with the sermon and eulogy, and after everyone said theirgood-byes, the heart opened, the coffin rolled inside and the heartclosed. Just then one of the mourners burst into laughter.The guy next to him asked: "Why are you laughing?""I was thinking about my own funeral" the man replied."What's so funny about that?""I'm a gynecologist." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Scientists were excited this week at having isolated a brief sound which occurred immediately before the Big Bang. Apparently, that sound was "uh oh." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My wife and I were dining out at a nice restaurant. I overheard the couple at the next table discussing their bill."Well Peggy," said the man, "Near as I can figure, based on the price of the ham dinner you just ate, we got a hog back on the farm that's worth at least $137,000."

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