Thursday, May 3, 2007


Intel has made a formal announcement here. No drum roll, no blaring trumpets. Just a statement from Jami Grindatto, the company's public affairs manager (why couldn't I get a snap job like that?).
He said that Intel will close its Fab 11 plant starting in August. He pointed out that the plant makes older, simpler components using old style wafers. I tried to find out what it would cost to update the plant to handle the new technology, but had no luck.
He is quoted in the Daily Mistake, when asked how many people would be affected, he wasn't sure "but we're saying it will be north of 1,000".
"North" of a thousand? Wow. He didn't mention East nor West nor South, but I feel sure he can come up with a more colorful, more inane phrase for those directions too. Shucks, I could have said something as silly as that. I often do.
All the jobs lost will be technicians, engineers and skilled workers. More tech jobs going wherever.
On the other hand Intel will offer them a two months paid job search period and severance package. That'll help a year from now.
Oh, they didn't mention anything about the 30,000 tech jobs lost to India, either. That's not their area of expertise.

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