Sunday, May 27, 2007


<--Guess what I have in mind for you?
Our New Mexico Governator, Bill Richardson, was on Meet The Press (a national TV show that asks people in the news tough questions) this morning.
For a change, it would be nice to report he did a great job with the tough questions. Unfortunately, he didn't.
On the other hand he had a new style haircut (he thinks a boyish mop of hair hanging down over his forehead will appeal to the ladies. It might, if they like overweight, older, worn out looking men). Who am I to judge? A lady's choice is her business, not mine.
He wrote a book (Between Worlds: The Making of an American Life) in 2005. It came back to embarrass him on the show. Tim Russert, the host, asked him some pointed questions.
(I'm paraphrasing here): "Your book says you agree with President Bush and we should stay the course. But in a speech the other day, you said we need to get out of Iraq. Which is it?"
Fast talk by Bill, who wound up saying something to the effect that we should get all the troops out. Except that we should support Iraq with Special Forces.
He also said he stands up for veterans. He got the State of New Mexico to increase the payments to survivors of vets killed in Iraq. From $11,000 to $400,000. Here's a letter describing his callousness to one marine's mother: .
Bill also waffled on the immigration bill. First he was for it, now he's against it. It's interesting to note that the governor, whose mother and sister live in Mexico, is the only Hispanic candidate in the presidential race. He said there should be a "tough but fair" system to qualify for legal status, including learning English, passing a background check, and paying fines and back taxes. At least that's where he stands today.
He also said he's proud of two of his unique accomplishments: negotiating with Saddam Hussein and setting the world record for shaking 13,392 hands.
Now, if there ever was a reason to elect someone President, there's a beaut.
He really irritated me when he implied a similarity to President John F. Kennedy. The only thing I see similar is that they were Democrats.
He was challenged by the host of the show on the fact that after he left an appointed office as Secretary of Energy, he sat on two boards. One was Valero (the oil and gas refiner) the other Diamond Energy Corporation (oil, coal and natural gas supplier). His reply was that he had to make a living. From two companies he had had to regulate?
Bill was also asked if he had supported Alberto Gonzalez for Attorney General because of his Hispanic background. He remarked that it played a part, but he now thinks Mr. Gonzalez should be removed.
I'm not against the concept of a New Mexico Governor becoming President, but I see no reason to support this candidacy. This man, in my opinion, is just one more carpet bagger.


alphonsedamoose said...

Cat: Sounds like some of your politicians and some of ours are interchangeable. Sad, isn't it.

Catmoves said...

I hear you moose. It seems like I vote more against someone than for someone.
I'm usually only grouchy one day of the entire week(Sunmontuewedthurfrisat), but I cannot handle the President (or someone who wants to be President) of my country lying to me. And, no, I don't believe in the story of G. Washington's chopping the cherry tree down. (I think his dad passed away when he was 10 or so.) But I guess the lies all really started (in my mind) with Clinton's definition of sex.
Let's vote the rascals out.