Sunday, June 24, 2007


<--- Is laughing 'cause it's better than crying.

I watched Meet The Press this morning. First off, I want to point out that I don't always subscribe to the ideas and thoughts they allow many of our political clowns to foist off on an unsuspecting audience. And my agreeing with Pat Robertson is an event in this household.

But he and an, um, illegal alien sycophant, (one Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill) had at it today. Pretty good shouting match but Robertson was not as rude as Gutierrez. It reminded me that the winner of a debate is rarely the person who shouts and yells the most.

If you click on the header you can see Representative Gutierrez' stand on illegality in America. No where does he use the word illegal. At least I didn't see it. Now, Mr Gutierrez is the chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Immigration Task Force. Could that position possibly create a conflict of interest? You betcha dupa it could. (I don't see "illegal" on their pages, either.)

The link to the MTP transcript is here: .

Among asinine claims by those supporting amnesty for the illegals is the idea that these people help the American economy. That they help the middle class stay strong and viable. Now, I wonder how taking any job at minimum wage (or lower) "helps" the economy?

My Economics 101 professor would have a fit with that. Economic logic dictates that the fewer people who are available to do a particular job, the higher the remuneration will be. In other words, if the most mundane job in the world has three hundred openings and only one hundred people apply for the jobs, the company will offer more money until they get the other two hundred needed workers.

However, if six hundred people apply for these jobs, management has no incentive to raise the pay scale. Thus that other big lie, that the illegals only do the jobs that Americans won't, is patently ridiculous. Pay a man for his efforts and he will work for you.

Chapter two of this tirade will continue when (and if i get enough response to this article).


alphonsedamoose said...

I understand where you are coming from Cat. We have had people dropped of on our coast and claim refugee status. Sorry, go get in line. If you can spend $50,000 to get here you are not a refugee.

TomCat said...

Hi Catmoves. Sorry ti desert you these many months, but you seen to have moved your blog, and every time I checked the RSS feed for the old one, there was no new content. :-(

If I may suggest, the next time you move, make your last post at the old location a link to the new one. :-)

On your article, you raise some valid points. But have you considered how much it will cost to roundup and deport the illegals already here? Frankly, I don't think fences, etc., are the answer. People cross the border, legally or illegally, looking for work. By hiring illegals, US companies exploit not only the illegals themselves, but also, the legal immigrants and US citizens who received lower wages because of the increased labor supply illegals provide. The solution does not require rocket science to figure out. Create laws that penalize companies that hire illegal aliens with fines so high that doing so becomes prohibitive. Removing the incentive of finding work, will dry up the traffic. However, we're not hearing this from Bush, because too many of his cronies are reaping huge profits by paying the lower wages.

Lin said...

You'll probably find that a good number of LEGAL immigrants (perhaps not those who slipped in under the last bogus amnesty program however) will agree with you heartily. I took a vow to not become a burden in any way on my new country. And I starved quite literally at times to keep that promise so I find it offensive to see illegals waltz to the front of the hand-out line without shame, I truly do. I have had legal immigrant Mexican friends who lost jobs to illegals and were likewise hurt and offended. Penalize employers severely for hiring illegals and that would be a good and possibly sufficient practice. Change the beneficial habitat to get rid of pests, that's what I have always been told.

Catmoves said...

lin, I too have a friend of fourth generation Mexican descent who had to leave Albuquerque because he (and one of his children) lost their jobs to the cheapening labor market. They're doing reasonably well now, but I still here the bitterness in his voice when we talk.
I agree with going after the employers, disagree with national ID cards and don't care about the problems it causes them. And ending the freebies to illegals.

Catmoves said...

tomcat, I agree totally with making it an employer's responsibilty to verify the legality of their employees. What we need to be careful of are those who would supply false proof of documentation.
I am not sure how to convince Google to keep updating my RSS. Any help would be appreciated.

Catmoves said...

alphonse, I've heard about some of the problems Canada has with illegals. It could be a dang good idea for our two governments to work together on this problem. But I don't know that I'd like to inflict Bush and his cronies on a nation I feel fondness for.

alphonsedamoose said...

I agree about working together but please don't foist Bush or his ilk upon us. We have enough idiot politicians already

Catmoves said...

Sorry alphonse. But I did say I did not want to inflict him on a country I feel a fondness for. Yeah, that includes Canada. :)

Fathairybastard said...

Well said my man. Hiring illegal immigrants is the same as exploiting child labor. Why hire and adult if you can get a kid for less? Why is this logic lost on so many people? They should really penalize the businesses that do it.

TomCat said...

Catmoves, I wish I had a solution to that. Try going into your settings, changing your RSS setting and then changing them back to whatever you want.

Catmoves said...

fhb, I have no idea why the vox populi does not understand the ramifications of government actions. Maybe the phrase "I hate politics" is on too many lips?

Tomcat I'll give that a try. It's just that I'm not very nerdy. At least not where the magic of computers and programs are concerned. Yeah, I was called the equivalent of a nerd in my high school days. (But not by the cute girls.)