Sunday, June 3, 2007


I think I'd better warn President Bush. The lions may be at his door. And they just might stay for dinner.
Terry Tamminen has taken another position.
Terry joined the New America Foundation on April 1, 2007 as both the Cullman Senior Fellow and director of the Climate Policy Program.
If clout is the name of the game, he is quietly gathering forces behind him.
Obviously, the state of California, in Schwartzenegger's persona, trusts him completely. He is trusted by a number of foreign governments and helps them in their efforts to protect their citizens in matters of pollution.
A whole lot is being written about President Bush's turn around on the G8 conference and meetings. Most writers think it's tongue in cheek help from the oval office. That nothing, really, will come from it. Just an attempt to raise his dismal approval rating. If more than 78% of the voters disapprove of your performance, you'd better do something or your party will sink in the next election.
One word of advice for Terry: Be steadfast. Don't let the B's get you down.

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