Thursday, August 16, 2007


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Sometimes we forget to add needed things to presents that we give, I guess. At least Bill Richardson does. And so does the state legislature.
A couple of weeks ago, New Mexico became yet another state to legalize medical marijuana. No problem, I'm all for it. I have an intimate relationship with pain and agony. On the other hand, all the adolescents in our state were also overjoyed.
Give a little, get a little. It seems that neither Richardson nor our esteemed government electees had enough basic common sense to realize they had forgotten something important,
But it didn't escape the state's health secretary, Doctor Alfredo Vigil, nor the Attorney General, Gary King. The AG said state workers could (and would?) face federal prosecution if they helped oversee and distribute medical marijuana.
Dr. Vigil said: " The Department of Health will not subject its employees to federal prosecution...therefore will not distribute nor produce medical marijuana."
N.M. is the twelfth state to legalize med marijuana. You'da thunk they'd have been able to copy how other states do it. Other states do not require the state Department of Health to do this.
The Health Department will certify patients who can participate in medical use, however. Thirty of them, so far. Under the law, the participants can each retain a 3 month supply.
Bill Richardson is busy campaigning and probably didn't even read the then proposed law. The one with his signature on it. Obviously our legislature has problems reading also. But the Governator, who has publicly taken credit for getting the bill passed, seems to have a lot of egg on his face. If he's going to run the country the way he runs New Mexico, better fasten your seat belts should he luck out and be elected.
Maybe I should apply for legal permission to cultivate and sell this drug? There'd be a fair amount of money involved for little effort. Or maybe I should buy a field from an already established grower and ask Bill for permission to peddle it? Entreprenuers needed in N.M.
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alphonsedamoose said...

Amazing how stupid some politicians can be isn't it

alphonsedamoose said...

I take it you wanted the hugs passed along.

Catmoves said...

Well, um, er, uh, YEAH! Hugs are important stuff. Just thought y'all might enjoy that card.