Sunday, November 18, 2007


Among things I can't explain, including this picture, is the governator of New Mexico.

He was on yet another television"debate" amongst Democratic wanna be candidates for the job of President. And he looked fat and puffy and unkempt. I suspect that look was created by his campaign manager.

No self respecting man would want to look as if he'd forgotten how to comb his hair and didn't know how to wear clothes properly. I have a lot of trouble equating his appearance with the idea that he was an Ambassador (or some such) to various foreign countries.

In any case the subject of illegal aliens was bruited about and Bill (who begged for a fence across the N. M. border a little while back) now doesn't want one. Personally I think the environmentalists got to him and pointed out that various wild life (not including Mexican fiestas) had to cross the border or become extinct. He didn't think about fencing the worst holes for human entry in border security. Nah. Just don't do it at all. I agree with the stupidity of the fence all along the border. We are not East Germany. I do, however, think that the well worn and constantly used trails (by illegals) should have some kind of fence. It might help the border guards narrow the entry way through the Rio Grande River. (Now you know why they're called "wets" by the ranchers here.)

Bill seems to think that all we need to do is hire an army of border patrol guards and that'll keep them out. Oh, yeah, he also wants more and more "sophisticated" electronic detection tools. I kid you not. The numbers, costs, support units, etc., etc., have not occurred to him. Maybe he'll start a national lottery to cover expenses? Maybe he'll go on fund raisers?

My guess about the number of human American bodies needed goes into the millions. The cost of this "plan" of his is terrifying. Hell, Bush's war would look bargain basement cheap to us.

He alo supports giving driver's licenses to illegals. He claims that way they'll have insurance and every thing will be hunky dory. I have no idea if he wants to teach them to read and write before they take the driver's written test. (The vast majority, I read on another site, can neither read nor write any language, much less English.) In Mexico, the government wants everybody who drives a vehicle insured. In actual fact, it ain't happening. And I can guarantee their insurance is a whole lot cheaper than ours. Oh, did you know that if you drive your car into Mexico you need a written statement from your insurance company that the policy is valid in Mexico? Yep. You get to pay extra for that coverage.

Speaking of paying extra for car insurance, we had to pay an extra $100 a year a while back so we would be protected from "uninsured" motorists. There are lots of illegals driving without insurance now. Lots of them.

Bill wants to be known as the "Education President". Now, I think he should have kept his mouth shut on that one. The drop out rate in N.M. is right around 40%. Yessiree. Four out of every ten children don't finish even the push courses offered in High School. Or bother to attend school and get a worthless "No Child Left Behind" diploma. That's something Bill should remove from his platform.

Another troublesome thing about him is his stance on the "Pakistan problem". He wants to cut off all American aid to Pakistan until they do something about the terrorist cells there. Now, the very word "terrorist" raises our hackles, our anger levels and creates a feeling of hatred among Americans. He says they are a small group and it should be easy for the Pakistani government to get rid of them. I guess he figures that America should blackmail any government with which he doesn't agree. I also guess that he has learned nothing from history. When the Nazi Party started in Germany, they were a small terrorist group. America put trade restrictions into action. Hitler's party got a lot of mileage out of that. It helped them to grow. And we know what happened then. Bill apparently did not get A's in American history.

A surprise under the header.


alphonsedamoose said...

Where I am hiding, I cannot say, but I did see a picture of your Bill. He looks like he comes from strange fourth world country.
If you are in the country illegally, how can you get a drivers license?
In stead of a fence at our border, they want to put unmanned drones with infra-red sensors.
Until next time......

alphonsedamoose said...

Isn't that Hilary in the picture when she found out about Bill and Monica

alphonsedamoose said...

Love the surprise under the header. I saw the contest for this months ago.

Towanda said...

Catmoves: Great Bill Richardson rant!! BRAVO!
I am trying to learn more about my future governor, and your post is quite informative. I am not impressed with him so far. And I do agree, he looked puffy and unkempt at the debate.
Has he done anything good for New Mexico?

Catmoves said...

moose, you can run, but you can't hide.
The Governor of New Yoek wanted to give illegals licenses too, but the uproar from New Yorkers was enough to cause him to rescind
that order, I am told.
I have trouble understanding how illegals can get DL's too. The humongous majority of them can't speak nor read English. How do they pass the written test?
Uh, those unmanned drones? Are they armed?

Catmoves said...

Towanda, there are many other entries about the NM governator. If you click on the little blue link that shows you his name, you'll find others articles about him.
As for him doing any good for NM, he's away from the state now.~

Towanda said...

catmoves, Thanks for the tip. I clicked on Bill Richardson and now I have a lot of reading to do! Maybe I will become a Bill Richardson expert myself someday!! Thanks again!

Catmoves said...

towanda, I'm not an expert on him, but I do read a lot and analyze the political statements he makes. He's a politician, in many of the nasty ways we think about the breed. He could never hold a candle to a man like Pete Domenici.

alphonsedamoose said...

I don't think they have been deployed yet. From what I understand they will have infra-red cameras and will transmit back to a base somewhere. Then a manned patrol will take over guided by the drone. STOOOOOPIDDDD.

Catmoves said...

Ye gods, moose. See what happens when we let politicians figure out ways of enforcing the laws they make? Maybe it just proves your pols are no smarter than ours.
Maybe they just want to create more jobs?

Lin said...

If it weren't for the dull and stunned look on that hair-wearer's face, I would have thought that she just had stuck her finger in an electrical outlet. Maybe it was just very bad static cling - throw that woman a dryer sheet quick!

I think Ill-Annoys gave illegals drivers licenses quite a while ago but don't quote me on that. Then ... oddly enough, I believe they allowed licenses to be used as ID for registering to vote. All coincidental timing, of course.

Then there were BIG scandals about payola bribes throughout their DMV concerning dangerously operating illegals getting CDLs for the right amount of under-the-table money.

Catmoves said...

lin, we had (have?) similar crap here, too.
N.M. DMV came up with a virtually forgery proof driver's license. Then the cops found that DMV employees were selling the blank licenses to illegals.
Are you sure that's a woman with the wild hairdo?

Galt-In-Da-Box said...

That picture of "President amBush" (what Reagan Democrats should call him) in the above post is awesome - can I borrow?
Despite what you hear from Bill Richardson or anyone else, don't look for a lot to be done about illegal migration, because the OMFR and their politician/bureaucrat progeny are making too much off this reversed vision of the slave labor trade.

Catmoves said...

Hello galt-in-da-box. Glad to see you here.
I just happen to have a blog saved that I'm working on to show the slavery angle of illegal (approved) aliens.
Please feel free to use any pictures on my blog. Many of them were went to me by people in far off lands. Ain't the internet wonderful?

Lin said...

Dagnabit, Cat, I should have posted that last comment to this blog entry but it took a while to find the right one. Okay, so what does OMFR stand for? Querkey minds still want to know!

Catmoves said...

lin, I forgive all blonde moments and CSR problems from our senior citizens. >)^..^(<
OK, OMFR definitions herewith:
Orissa Marine Fishing Regulation Act, 1982 (OMFR Act in the short) From the Orissa Fiscal Responsibilty Act...
oral and maxillofacial radiology (OMFR). From a dental surgeon...
Offshore Money Fund Report (OMFR)
From the Bank of Ireland...
OMFR, short for "Oh my fucking rod." The term "rod" is short for Rodney, from the internet video titled "Bubble Tea." This could also be interpretted as a paraody of OMFG, by replacing the g in God with an R.

Stems from the phrase OMG.

Take yer pick. (I think he meant the latter one.)
I believe its a kind of semi-common phrase on Twitter.