Monday, December 29, 2008


'member to click the header.
One of my friends has moved from the "whoop whoop" to the "never heard of that place" location.
Now, she's a nice lady and we wish her well, but a friend drove past the new homestead and couldn't resist taking this picture so her out of town friends could see her new abode.
You can see her blog at: Creek Journal
Tell her I sent you.
No, I don't know if that's her in the photo.


Buck said...

Cool link in the header, Cat. Thanks!

I don't think Lin's gonna like you exposing her like this, ya know. ;-)

Catmoves said...

So many songs, Buck and so many words.
Lin's made of tough stuff and somehow I think she'd like to have an array like this one.
OTOH, I could wind up with a black eye or two.

Towanda said...

uh oh I bet somebody is in trouble.

Catmoves said...

Oh, Towanda, the lady has green steps, a blue sky and the most complete satellite reception I've ever seen.
But you may be correct. Lin can be volatile, sometimes. (She hasn't seen it yet.)
I'm busy readying my bomb shelter.