Thursday, April 23, 2009


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Scared? Who's scared? The One and his frickin' pooch are safe with a shelter, along with Mom and the kids. Oh, Hillary? Bill says she'll be okay in Afghanistan. (Guess he didn't know she was back in town.)
And whoever was elected Veep probably has his own shelter.
"Clinton was appearing before the appropriations panel that is reviewing the administration's request for $7.1 billion in additional funds for the State Department this budget year. Of that total, $497 million would be for State Department support of Pakistan and $980 million would be for Afghanistan. About $482 million would be for Iraq." (I wonder who gets the rest? North Korea? Iran?)
"Clinton said that local job creation is a key purpose of the extra funds requested for State Department work in Afghanistan. She told the panel that a main goal is to improve security at the local level in Afghanistan by putting more people to work. "
Hey Mr. President, maybe she knows how to put America back to work. And protect our borders. I remind you that "No one should be above the law".
And for the rest of us: Dig shelters.


Buck said...

Yeah... I've been watching this Pakistan thing with great anxiety. NOT good, to say the VERY least.

Catmoves said...

Yep. Mr. President Obama might want to move troops and naval support in closer there. We might be in a bigger shooting war than Persia. (I love that old name.)

Towanda said...

Hi Cat. I have come to the conclusion (should have reached it months ago) that everyone running this government (on both sides) is NUTS. Obama found himself a whole boatload of incompetent people and we are in big trouble. I just don't know how else to view things anymore.

Catmoves said...

Towanda, I'm raising a glass and drinking to that comment. Cheers.
But there is one good thing: Bill, our governator, is not on the list. That would be sure to make it an overloaded boat of incompetence.
It's frightening, Towanda. And bandaids won't work any longer, methinks.