Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Click on the header. Achtung. Or don't. Your choice.
My head hurts. All the thinking today has brought pain and anxiety into my reasonably calm life. Well, as of yesterday and today.
This is an important link to be noted and read:
Just a couple of days ago, a friend of ours stopped (to take Wild Thing shopping) and showed us a new trophy her Mustang had won in some competition.
I eyed this plaque and remarked something to the effect of "don't you ever loose in these shows?"
She looked at me strangely and replied "Well, I think I'm on the 'suspicious persons' list or 'anti-American list' or something."
I stopped laughing only when I looked at her face. She wasn't kidding. I was stunned.
We've known Peggy for some years and recognize that she was Air Force for many years, her Dad was a WWII vet, she served as a cop and is in security now. further, she has dedicated her Mustang to veterans of American wars and has been in patriotic parades, has allowed vets to take pictures of the displays on and in her car. She flies our flag at her home and celebrates the fourth of July just like you and me. She is a 100%, born in the U.S.A. person, won't listen to foreigners berating our country (that includes Presidents -- whether she likes them or not) and she loves her country.
I would trust her with any flag I own.
"So," I asked with my usual boyish charm, "how did you make the FBI's 'I'm watching you list', considering how American you are?" I couldn't say Yankee. She's from Georgia.
She replied, "The only thing I can think of is that I'm a member of the Patriot's Club here in Albuquerque."
"Uh, Peggy," I said, "that doesn't sound exactly subversive to me?"
"They're not. I'm a patriot and proud of it. So are you, so quit the grinning."
"Okay, okay," I remarked. " Maybe I'll make the FBI list, too."
I've Googled N.M. Patriot's Club and Patriot's Club and the most anti-American thing I could come up with was the New England Patriot's not winning that Super Bowl.
My guess is that the "club" is pretty small and can't even afford a web page. How that would qualify her as "person to watch" defeats me.


Buck said...

I saw that vid a few days after it was posted... and I may have posted it myself, but I'm too lazy to go look. The comments to the news piece got my bowels in an uproar... unbelievable.

As for your friend Peggy... just scary. "Interesting times," indeed.

Catmoves said...

Well, if I could find that Patriot Club online, I'd sure as hell sign up, Buck.
I don't know anyone more patriotic than Peggy and the actions of what I believe is my government got my bowels upset, too.